City inspired in 1950


Hi guys i am half way done creating a city inspired in 1950 but a bit modern any suggestions will be good since the client has made a change from the original concept that i gave to them, this city will be included as a backdrop for an event.
Thanks for the support.

edit: There will be more ads on the buildings.


Hey Edgard,

Your foundation has promise. at first look of the ferris wheel I thought it was Singapore Flyer I ran into this after building some flash piece for a trip around Santa Monica’s ferris wheel I was intrigued by the photography that led me to the Singapore flyer.

Rather than provide what you should or shouldn’t do I rather visually present an array of images from the 1950s and how some to this day still look modern (some)… My thing about older shots was the typography and some of my current work I’ve researched various movies and cinematic from Blade runner to anime classic Akira.

Katsuhiro Otomo in his vision of the future has these elaborate either typographical elements with a mix of holograms in Akira. Another recent anime flick that had great detail from old but modernized was Tekkonkinkreet

Ok I know I’m shooting for the moon in all this chat and you’re presenting a clean environment for corporate fud. I’m just thinking if 50 years ago we barely had modern street lights, electric cars (still waiting for flying cars more accidents) then is our next 50 to 100 years destined to evolve technologies we have now? Let me stop here because I can rant on a topic I’ve been digging into for the past 6 months. So without further a due here are the reference pics.

This top view captures the vehicles and lighting fixtures notice traffic lights are not the way we have them now. This to me seems like it could be an elevated shot of your current POV.

1950s neon sign

Ok this guy in flickr has a nice volume of material to keep your 1950s authentic. I pasted some of the many pics he has as far as items you could add on to your scene. mainly the fine details that sometimes go unnoticed.

Old lighting systems

Typography in buildings was big advertising back in those days
some type was bad.
Also ok for color reference

I just love this shot high voltage in the air, run down cars, taxis, trolleys, giant candy what else do you need? :slight_smile:

Ed… hope this helps to inspire your own additions.


Wow thanks Gigayoda,
I forgot to mentioned that the client goal is to resemble the look and feel of Mad Men the TV show focused on the main buildings reflection with the advertisings in the buildings as the intro.
I think the Mad Men intro doesnt captured the essence of the show and the time being.
So is a lot of things all together. But these is for a 34x12 feet backdrop.
Thanks for the links they inspired me as i have done my research over the past few months before doing anything.

The client first ask to get inspired into Asian skyscrapers of South East Asia and than he changed to the Mad Men look. oh gosh.
And yeah is the Singapore flyer and other skyscrapers from Asia.



You’re welcome.

At first I was going to ask about the theme other than modern 1950s. Sounds like a fun project. Tokyo city and Times Square pop to mind when I think of advertising in the city. Good luck in the project if I run into any cool items I’ll shoot a link. What’s your deadline? 2 weeks, 1 month? Just curious on how much time you may have to implement all the elements if any.



This is a fun project, I hope you have the time to make it to your liking.
When I did the “YESTERDAY’S FUTURE” contest last year I found inspirational images in places like this:

If anything else strikes me I’ll let you know.


I have being working hard on this project with buildings inspired in skyscrapers from Asia as now i work in Singapore and the Singapore flyer is mythical and i just have to put it in the background, it is quite a giant structure.
I did these with another app which i prefered to create my art with but i think here (EIAS forum) is a great source for artists who doesnt matter what tools they used.
So my question was about inspiration and not technical at the end of the day is about concept and how you deal to enhance the potential of the product you want to advertise, design and beauty are left at the bottom of the chain.

I have until December but i have being working on this project for a month. Is not easy when there are so much changes and sponsoreds who pay the bills.
I will let you know how does it goes.Thanks for reading,


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