City in Desert Valley


This is my first attempt at matte painting. I would really appreciate some Critiques before I start painting over it. I plan to ‘populate’ the city a bit more and make very much more futuristic. its still a WIP and I would really like to hear from some of the best!



hi hiddnfox vbmenu_register(“postmenu_3962031”, true); , welcome, well to be your first attempt I think you understand p[retty welll the matte painitng techniques

I think lighting need some more work, you are using lots od differentes photos here each one with its own xposure, in this image you have to think about a general exposure / mood , the foreground should be darker , also the mountain in the right I think it need better integration with the depth , / aerial perspective, , you need a lot of shadows as well don feel bad if you lose details because of the shadows,
always look for photo references
I will look forward to see your improvement


Agree with James.
Especially the foreground has too much saturation.

If you’re masking out things like mountains etc. do never use a soft-edged brush.

Enough critized… This is your first matte-paint??? wow
That’s impressive. Go on like this!!


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