City Canyon, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: City Canyon
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

Taking a welcome break from work to do some personal art again.I modeled the city a few months ago,the ship is something I started last year…still not finished the ship so this is a wip version…rendered at 6k rez,using finalrender,modeled in 3dsmax,post in Photoshop


Amazing!, the light and the atmosphere are stunning. Can you show us a wire?



Beautiful - looks like an atmospheric painting rather than a 3D render!


C´mon Stefan,outstanding as ever!
5 stars,please,Can you show the wires?
By the way,I saw your tutorial “Texturing Hard-Surface”,it´s great,congratz man!


Hey Stefan… welcome back! I didn’t see anything from you in some time.
This one is really good, and I see you have characters inside. :wink: Composition is excellent as always, lighting is complex, atmosphere is great. Is it possible to see all the layers used before compositing?


Amazing!, very very nice …

Good luck …:slight_smile:


Excellent! I really like the tone and detail of that image~
Do you mind telling me more about the process of making it?
like to see the wireframe also! Great work~


oau. great mood! frontpage stuff


I love it! very well balanced and well thought, you are a perfect environment designer.

Just noticed in your cg portfolio it reminded me of those colonels with lots of medals on their chest! lol! you have so many medals!


Really incredible quality! Looks very harmonic. Congrats! :thumbsup:


The model of the ship, as you said, is not the TOP that you can reach, but the overall composition has a great atmosphere I really Like!!!



Excellent and inspiring artwork !


excellent work as always :cool:


beautiful as always, many compliments!! :applause::applause:


Great work, love the atmosphere!


Amazing work!
Great lighting and phantastic mood. I really love the whole look and feel of this picture.


Cheers Silverwing


reminds me of blade runner. very nice


Great work Stefan.

Nice modeling, texturing and rendering.


always interesting to see your personal stuff :slight_smile:


thanks for the kind words guys
heres some wires + ao/gi pass…

InTerceptoV…all the original layers were overwritten when I re-rendered the ship & platform :…it was the usual suspects,spec,ao,diffuse,atmosphere,reflect,…with very heavy postwork blending everything together & painting in details.

a qvtr of the city during the wip stage