Citadel, Jordan Nieuwland (2D)


Congrats on the front page. Looks awesome.


holy crap jordan, you’ve improved big time. love that you are experimenting with more lighting, and that you strayed away from regular matte painting for this one. love it!.

freeze frame high five!.


Absolutely wonderful! What else could be said?



awesome work .


Great work! Love colurs! :thumbsup:


Great work. You’ve shown great understanding of lighting and composition.


wall papered.



great work love it:arteest:


Great quality work Congrats for the top row!
The city reminds me of the city of Eckmul in the lanfeust de troy comic books. Have you read them?


Very nice work



thanks again for the comments! leigh… I agree the left side is a tad dark… there is a brighter/older version on my website…appreciate the critique:) . cani… haven’t read that comic… sounds cool tho. I’ll check it out.



Yes if you like comic book deifnetly give it a look. Humoristic, violent, fantasist and sexy :thumbsup:


Outstanding :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


very nice colors!
good work!:applause:


Amazing work!
Love the color mood.


Good work!really

Hoping to live in such lovely town


Great work Jordan! very inspiring :smiley:


I love this image. The mood is simply amazing !


Ho man . really great stuff . like all nice details you’ve painted .

keep up


Very impressive, I love it :applause: