Cintiq 12WX Users: Still love it?


I’m teetering on the edge of getting a Cintiq 12WX for Painter and Photoshop. I know a couple posters here (or more) have had this tablet since late 2007. So, how are you liking it 4 months+ down the road?

Among any other comments you might have, I’m interested in whether it feels a bit too small. I find the portability potential a plus, but not if the small size is annoying on a daily basis. Also, how are the ergonomics?

I’m a professional illustrator, if that helps you frame your observations, and I currently use an Intuos tablet, 6 x 8.

Thanks in advance for any insight. As we all know, $1000 is a relatively significant cash outlay.


ive had mine for a month or so, so i dont know if my opinion is what you’re looking for, but i love mine. it feels nice, and it makes things so much easier compared to the intuos, which i have as well. i was worried about the size too, but its much bigger than i thought it was. if you’re a professional, i suggest getting it. im not a professional, but i use mine daily and love it. hope this helps


I’ve had mine for a few months now, I love it. Size os fine for me, it’s very similar to the 6x8 so if that doesn’t feel cramped you should be OK.

My only real complaint is that the screen scratches too easily, I already have a few scratches on mine. Get a microfibre cloth and clean the screen before every use.


This is helpful guys, thanks. Honestly, I really want to just go for this little tablet. I only wanted to hear if there was a big wave of delayed buyer’s remorse after having the Cintiq for a while. The advice about the microfiber cloth is a good tip.

Anyone else got 1-3 months’ experience they can relay? I’ll probably jump for this tomorrow (Tuesday).



i do not own one but have had access to one and have to say after years of using a standard wacom… i am not sure after the first times using if i like the fact that my hand covers part of my drawing as i draw…i like the clear screen that you have with a wacom.


but I’m hoping that this tablet is small enough to easily maneuver around the hand blocking my line of sight. After all, when I use paper (which I still do of course), there is the same issue. I find drawing a controlled line on the traditional Wacom to be difficult, whereas it’s much easier on a piece of paper. Maybe I can find a online store that has a 30 day money back guarantee just in case it’s not what I thought it would be.

I see that Wacom has a 16% restocking fee, which seems like a steep price to try out a product that is expensive, is not that easy to find in the real world (for demo/try out purposes), and for that reason, had better d*mn well be satisfactory to me!


You do have to give it time. During the first few hours of use I wasn’t really convinced, partly because people raved so much about the big Cintiq that you are almost expecting a religious experience. Despite the fact that it is more immediate than drawing on an Intuos, it does take a little getting used to - it isn’t really like drawing on paper, not at first anyway.

After about 3 or 4 hours of use you get used to the quirks, such as the thickness of the glass and the slick surface, and you then start to ignore them. Once you reach this stage, it really does become like drawing on paper.

It also requires a lot less concentration than drawing on an Intuos, which is the biggest advantage in my opinion, I used an Intuos for 5 or 6 years every day and was very comfortable with it, but drawing on the Cintiq is less tiring and more enjoyable. I don’t find my hand getting in the way to be a problem, but you can actually use the 12WX as a “normal” tablet by using the display toggle function anyway, although in practice that’s not something I find myself doing very often.


i think the thing i like best about it (still) is having better control over pressure and tilt. you can do it by feel intead of questioning about how the software is translating your hand motion. i’ve used wacom tablets for about 10 years so i was very comfortable too, but not having to guess about these things is great. you end up not noticing, or thinking about, the tip of the pen or the cursor but only looking at/concentrating on the quality of the stroke you’re making. its great.
also i find it much better to use the felt nibs. it has more traction and gives a bit when you push. the plastic nibs can be a bit slick.


I’m going to make a decision by the end of the day… Among other things I need to think about how my setup is going to change.

I’m using a two monitor system (and a G5 Mac tower) for my illustration and design work. The design work is an essential part of my income, and though my illustration work is growing, I’m not giving up the design work anytime soon! So I think the G5 & two monitors will have to stay as is. I suppose I could consider getting a dedicated video card to run the Cintiq.

I also have a MacBook Pro, so I’m considering using the Cintiq with that computer as well.

Anyone have any thoughts about adding a new video card to my G5 to run the Cintiq? I used to keep up on Mac hardware, but I’m really out of the hardware loop these days.


I think that it is not possible to use a cintiq with 2 other monitors… I wish it was, cause I also use dual screen and wouldn’t like to lose one of them for a cintiq.


Are you sure about this? I got a reply in a mac hardware forum that suggested putting an ATI PCI card (9200) in one of my PCI slots to connect the Cintiq and still allow my two monitor setup.

Maybe I should email Wacom tech support to ask this question…


according to Wacom support, using a 2nd card, thus giving me 2 monitors plus the Cintiq, will work. I’m just trying to confirm now, that even though the ATI 9200 PCI card doesn’t list 1280x800 exactly [from Wacom, the Cintiq Native resolution: WXGA (1280x800)] that this is not a problem.

Sigh. It’s hard to do this stuff without a whole bunch of technical knowledge. And you get a lot of different answers.


I use the Cintiq as a third monitor, with a dedicated PCI card, however I’m on a PC. I’m pretty sure that the Cintiq will only work at its native resolution so it’s pretty crucial that your card supports it.


Oh, I was talking supposed you have only one gfx card. So, you can have lets say 2 geforce cards in sli with the one of them driving 2 monitors and the other one for the cintiq as a kind of autonomous vga config ?
i’d really like to see this working :slight_smile:


Yes this works. There are many guys at the office who have this setup. Whether they are running in SLI mode or not, I don’t know, but running the Cintiq off a second video card is completely doable.


Ofcourse this configuration is needed for the 21’’ cintiq as well, right?
so… before I smash my piggy bank for either of the 2 cintiqs, I should think about a nice pair of gfx cards…


Mac users, I am just thinking out loud here but can’t you run 2 monitors on 1 card and just use a Mini-DVI to DVI-D adapter for the Cintiq?


I wonder though… could it be possible to use 2 monitors and a cintiq having a single gfx card
(powerfull enough) and a vga splitter, like this one :


so that’s not too bad.

I’m a little confused about the Cintiq 12WX “native resolution” issue, as I don’t see ANY video card out there that lists 1280 x 800 in its list of supported resolutions. Lots of HIGHER resolutions, but not precisely what Wacom specs for this tablet.

Can anyone enlighten me about this little (or not so little) detail?

In a Mac forum, I was told that there are utilities that will set a custom resolution for a graphics card, but I’m not at all sure if that is an acceptable way to get to 1280 x 800

I’ve emailed Wacom about this.

edit: You can see the specs for the graphics card I’m looking at:
ATI specs for this card

The resolution list includes 1920 x 1200 in both analog and digital. This is exactly 1.5 x 1280*800. Does this help me? I’ve emailed Wacom about this too.

edit: Wacom does not want to help me figure this out, unfortunately.


I guess I’d be a little suspicious of a splitter. If I’m going to spend $1000, I may as well spend $112 more, so long as I get confirmation that the resolution question is answered.