Cineversity plugins on lockdown?


I guess in the past I never thought much about this, because I always renewed my MSA. Due to the lackluster release of R21, I opted to not renew my MSA, and rather just wait and jump on subscription at some point in the future. (Either when something amazing is added I have to have, or when R20 starts breaking and not being backwardly compatible with whatever public release is out).

Anyway - I booted C4D R20 just now and noticed it said my Cineversity Toolbox username and password were incorrect. (Which is not true - I’ve never changed it). I attempted to enter it a few times and even went through the process of resetting the password.

Still didn’t work.

Then I put 2 and 2 together and realized I have no active MSA or Maxon Subscription. So I guess I will not be using Cineversity plugins anymore. (At least not until I jump on the sub bandwagon)

Can anyone verify if this is the case?


You´re right.
No MSA or sub.scribtion for R21 --> no Cineversity account .

If you have install all the CV plugins with the toolbox --> no CV plugin function anymore, now.

If you have install all the CV plugins without the toolbox --> all these manually installed CV plugins are working in R20, R19, R18 … etc. like before.

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What happens if you throw the CV-Toolbox plugin out of the plugins directory (but not the actual plugins)?


I’ll just move on. Those plugs are the only real value for me personally in the Cineversity universe, and I rarely even use them. I was just trying to fix the nagging. I will try putting them in plugins directory and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just not use them anymore.



Interestingly, the only thing in my R20 plugin directory is Redshift. So those things must be installed in another directory. Not worth the time really.

I was just surprised to see the functionality go away, because I thought the Cineversity plugins were free, and didn’t require a paid account. Kind of left a bitter taste. It is what it is I suppose.


I think the free ones are working after download and install, without toolbox.
For the other plugins, which came (free) only with MSA or subscription, you need a new yearly CV (paid) membership to download and install them manually or with toolbox.


It’s the policy of someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing i.e. the value of keeping on side those customers you hope to attract back to C4D at a later date.

‘Thanks for paying your MSA for a decade, now get lost…’


I’m getting the same Toolbox login error message as well, however when I look at mymaxon assigned licenses it shows Cineversity at: 10/26/2019 - 11/9/2019 and below that in my available licenses it has Cineversity showing 12/30/2018 - 12/30/2019. Strange.


Some Cineversity plugins are free, including CV-ArtSmart - our plugin for importing Illustrator artwork from any version. The majority of the plugins are and always have been part of your Cineversity subscription - or now, your Maxon Subscription.

Users with R21 and a Cineversity sub can use the newly-updated CV-Toolbox to download and install all of the Cineversity plugin. Users without a Cineversity sub can still use CV-Toolbox to install the free plugins and resources.

Unfortunately in versions prior to R21, CV-Toolbox is no longer supported due to the migration to MyMaxon accounts. You can download and manually install free plugins and resources directly from the related Cineversity tutorial.


How to turn a fanboy (me) into a absolute non-fanboy. Maxon clearly went to college for this.


Couldn’t agree more.