Cinematic Game Icons - Character - Poju


Well i want to finnish this in here.

I didn’t have enough time, or i did but, i didn’t want to sit inside in my vacation so now when i’m at work and forced to be in i can work on this.

Here is link to original thread:

And where i’m now:


Ooook then.

I can’t use ftp rigth now so here is couple attachements of my progress:


And another

Any toughts at all?


Ok here is images if u people don’t like attachements

Now hands… oh i hate hands! Do i have to?


Here is new render with hands


the model look great!! i really like it.

but the face look too masculine(i hope that like that said that…if not so i mean to “of male”))


Hey thanks:love:

I agree face being too masculine. Any ideas how to make it more feminine?

Here is same image as last attachement, but this is in my space:

What do you think about proportions?


Here is small update, tweaked head little, smaller fingertips and little longer legs.


Looks a lot better now :).
Good job on making the nose more womanlike,still needs a tiny adjustment I think,but I can’t put my finger on it …:surprised
Maybe the head is a bit to big,and to triangle-shaped…maybe give it a more round/oval shape.:slight_smile:


Thanks, glad u like it better

Here is start of gun, need lot details tought.
Do u like my lame desing?

Edit: I uploaded same image so u can view it from my webspace


If anybody is imtrested here is closeup of head.
Please ingore that ear


well, i think it looks pretty much awesome,
nice miniskirt, i think once the guns are done tehy’ll llook awesome too. All you really need to do is make the head better. Like ya make it look more inecent, right now she looks so savage.


Thanks Kralle, but i think there is room for improvements in that head, i just have to figure out how and what i’m going to do with it.

In meanwhile here is gun try number 2:

And here is one stupid render i made:


I made another scope and i think it fits better.
Do you?


Thanks folks!

She have new head and i like it(actually rather old head, but tweaked)
and now she have little attitude and character:


I’m not really sure what to do next, i like allmost everything(that wont last long) so there is no point to move existing around so maybe

little details, any ideas what?

texturing, oh this is going to be painfull, plan is to learn UV, but maybe i should start it with more simple modell?

or rigging, yep easy as catch fart and paint it red. How in earth i’m going to make those belts to deform right?

Anyway here is current state of her:


i think you need to bring upper back some
put an arch in it


Thanks i’ll see what i can do.

I started textures, just prodesurals for now to see wich way to go

Wich one is best? I like black :smiley:


Yep it’s me again:p

I rigged her, but not wery happy about it and i could not make working rig for belts. Any advise?
I’ll go and learn little more and build new armature for her.
Anyway here is little testpose:


yep easy as catch fart and paint it red. How in earth i’m going to make those belts to deform right?

mind if I use this phrase in my posts?:stuck_out_tongue: