THIS IS AN FURTURISTIC GAME PLAY ! MIKEN- the HIDDEN hero is the one who died in an mission while saving the Neonam city and its people. unfortunately the mission was unsuccessfull and still the alien invaders kepT harrasing the people of neonam city.
but still there is a hope, Miken appears as a ghost, looking for an talented guy who is passionate and confident to make his long dead mission once again make it alive and win it.
Kimi - our GAME hero, sets into the eye of Miken and thus starts the story of how Kimi meets Miken and Gets trained for the battle leading to final war at the ’ end phase ’ of the game.

hope u like this idea…!

hm i havent name the game yet…but suggestions are welcome


You could have just changed the story in your other thread. But hey its cool. Nice Start man.


thanks buddy!

it better to start fresh right!? hm will update another addin sketches. and yes enjoy ur holidays…will c u soon around!:wink:



hi there again here is an update again!:slight_smile:

details, i am planning to add on details as i start the painting. also focus on some details above the spaceage buildings.
hope u guys like it


here is the upload of WIP.! what u think?? :slight_smile:


Looks realy good so far, somehow, i liked his face better on the scetch than on the coloured version tho…
Keep it up!


thanks alice!

i have to still wrk on some fininshing touches on the features…!
so keep watching!



phase 3


The painting is coming out good.
The head seems too thin or too small now that youv’e painted it in. It could be just the jaw area that needs work.


oki here is another update…


just for fun!
might use this kind of look in the last…:stuck_out_tongue:


This is really coming along nicely shaangfx. I like your colors and you really did a good job at getting that plastic look in your characters costume. Yeah, that sepia toning on your last one gives it a neat look. As you keep working on this it would be nice to see a little more polishing done to the face of the main character, as it is one of the focal points.


thanks trokess!
yeah still wip…hope it turns out what i want…! hehe!:beer:


Very good compositione…i like the colours too.


thanks OZ
here is another small update :
hope u like this too… :wink:


his lips are too red. makes him look too feminine >_<


yup realise the lips…hehe.,still need lot of touch ups!

another update :


hey shaangfx … lookin good :thumbsup: …this new bg is comin along great … i like it myself better than the colored rocket one , it centers focus on the character

that sepia one was pretty sweet though too … it’ll be interesting to see what you end up with … keep em comin :beer:


hi pigwater thanks!
yeah…sepia looks good too. lets c may be i submit both options1:) :wink: