Cinematic Game Icon: Character: SEL


Hey all!

Could’nt resist entering this time around. Im strictly to art this time since I got a new wacom tablet! :thumbsup: . Im currently working on my 2d portfolio and this category fits with what I like to draw, so might as well kill 2 birds with one stone! Lets have some fun!


My game is going to be called “the Devels CRY”, the characters im going to portray in the scene is the main character sphynx, and one of the devils soldiers. Going to try to depict a choice, whether to run, or turn around and fight. The game if ever created would be like the movie running man, except for the fact that with all the running comes fighting and vengence to restore order. Would be lovelly to see a game like this created with the Unreal engine!

Im hoping the final outcome will be a fully colored comicbook type cover page related to online gaming! :slight_smile:


This is a early mornings worth of work. Couldnt sleep! I think im turning into an insomniac and have no clue how to change it! GASP!!:shrug:


wow! very cool!


First of all…:thumbsup: :applause: :thumbsup: :applause: …On the past challenge…CONGRATS…

        Wonderful start on this one too.......:thumbsup: 

        Yes you got to love those Wacom's,you will have lots of fun now. 2 Birds with one stone is my theory too,when you can do it.

        Nice to see you in Sel...........:beer:


WOW. This is going to be an amazing picture.
One question.
Do you use reference photos for the figure or do you draw from scratch?

Cant wait to see the next update:airguitar


mtmckinley - tnx! glad you like…

Virtuoso - :), always a pleasure! The wacom is coming out of the box once I finish the pencil sketch! Big thanks for your support! As I said before, always a plus having a virtuoso on the boards!

Rey - Hey there Rey, Most of the time Ill draw with just a pencil and my sketchbook on hand and use my imagination. But if its something that is a paid job or something I want to really look correct, Ill use tons of different references to make sure the form of the body or scene fits. I think what normally takes me the longest is finding a great pose. I sometimes spend a whole day sketching until I find a pose and angle I like. Then go directly to the face. I hope I answered your question.

Alright all! Plan on me finishing the pencil sketch either tonight or tomarrow as im busy this month. The Coloring though since it will be my first time using a wacom will most likely take me the rest of the challenge, who knows, maybe sooner. Look for an update by tonight



Nice Start SEL. Great Rendering! Looking forward to the final coloured piece.


sexy and nasty!


Another great concept from you:thumbsup: I especially like the details you’ve got going on in the hand. No crits for now…just anxious to see how it will develop.


very nice…right knee cap(her left) is a bit odd. Overall Id say that youve got something really special going on. Sweet!


Thanks guys for the C & C! :beer: :buttrock: :eek: :thumbsup: :wavey:

Heres the update I promised. Im working on the environment now and hopefully will have that done ASAP.



Insane detailing SEL! Your pencilling skills are fantastic man. I think you’d be best to put this in the Half Life 2 Engine. Whatever they are using.


Very sleek,smooth,stylish…What more can be said…Well give us more you stylish artist you.:thumbsup: :beer:


Beautiful SEL!:bounce:

Only thing looks funny to me is her neck…seems a little long.

But all in all…it’s great!:thumbsup:


Gamoron- hey thanks man! Never leave home without em! Pencils that is :rolleyes: , im still waiting to see your next big update…

Virtuoso- :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Nuff Said!

digital_rhino- thanks, I see what your saying about the neck, but its always been my style to elongate, or exagerate form :shrug: , if I was going for future realistic though I would see that crit very valuable and follow form precise. Tnx for the C & C none the less, theres always room for improvement! :thumbsup:

Alright all, I finished the final pencils and hopefully will get to coloring it within the week… Finals will be taking most my time, so we’ll see…



I’m in love…


Well SEL…if thats what your going for, then you nailed it. Its beautiful man!:buttrock:


Hey thanks guys!

Means a lot, sniff* :slight_smile: :beer: , alright now with the problem im having. I just opened up my Wacom Intuos 2 , 9X12 inch tablet. It had that glow to it when I took it out of the box for the first time. Thus I then spent the next 4 hours doing those damn tutorials on how to use it and how to setup everything in the control panel, then started to use it in photoshop. Well, im basically stumped and I know someone in this art challenge has to have an answer to my question. When I sketch, I will aplly the same pressure, and then as im drawing one of the lines then goes really dark, and when I sketch I sketch light. HRMMMMM…:shrug: . So then I draw even lighter the next time hoping to not get that 100% pressure, and then everything is cool, and then BAMB!! it does it again, its damn frustrating. Its like drawing with a number 2 pencil and then all of a sudden BAMB!! the next line is as dark as a ball point pen. Its really starting to annoy me, I thought it may be the tilt, so I tried a zillion different settings, then messed with the tip pressure , soft then all the way hard, and basically found my only solution was to have my other hand handy on the undo button when the dark lines appear. I mean SHI!@$T, I spend almost $400 dollars on a tablet, and im having to undo every 4 seconds and then make another line. I mean a tablet is suppose to be presure sensative and im suppose to get those dark lines when I press really hard. If anyone has any suggestions, or the correct settings, etc. to place, It would mean a lot for I really dont think im ready to throw my new tablet off my balcony! :buttrock: . Ill wait for some suggestions…



yeah the same thing hapened to me when i recently got the intuos 2 6x8. it seemed to be a RAM problem but it fixed itself when i got the update patch from there website.

BTW your drawings looking awesome:buttrock:


Really great work,love them,keep going with it,more,and more.:thumbsup:


hmmmm… To date I have never had any problems with my Wacom or the one at work (which is like yours). I assume that you have the settings set for Photoshop. Maybe you have a jitter set in the flow, cranking it up by accident. I’d check your brush settings in Photoshop. If that doesn’t solve it, I’d get the most recent patch. There shouldn’t be any problems. At the very least I’d reinstall the drivers, and I wouldn’t use any drivers that XP might be using (if you’re using that OS.) Sorry man I don’t really know what to suggest.