Cinematic game icon-character/environment-wildsheepchase


Just starting my thread! Good luck everyone:D
:buttrock: :airguitar :xtreme:


Yes, good luck and congrats for the past challenge :thumbsup:

"Come on everybody!! :buttrock: "



Congrats! This one should be good.


Cant wait to see what you come up with this time.


Here’s a quickie to get things rolling…

I want to do less of a character portrait and more of an action scene. I’m going to do a really elaborate environment for this one, possibly a city under attack. I’ll try to get those sketches done in the next few days. :buttrock:
Feedback welcome as always!:beer:


It’s always a pleasure to see you in action…Your art is always one of the best in overall aspects,always so very appealing,I look forward to this piece as always.Have fun and good luck.:thumbsup: :beer:


Nice start wild. Very appealing angle.:smiley:


Nice start wild. Very appealing angle.

Yeah, I thought some of you would like that:D

Thanks for the comments guys, I’m trying to get some sketches up by later this evening.:wip:


:smiley: , I can tell youve grown to love these challenges! Congrats on the last one also. So I guess Ill wait and see what you have in store for this one! Keep with the updates!



An updated sketch with a concept of the city:

I would picture this as an environment/character for an RPG. My goal is to make the architecture influenced by insect forms/patterns. I haven’t worked out much else yet as far as plot. I’m not really a huge fan of writing the story itself:hmm:

Sel: Thanks! Congrats to you, too!:beer:


HM!Better and better.I like the character,running to the background…make the scene look very “intrusive”…
Looks like u are about a Big Thing with this challenge.
Tell us…do u want to win another time!?:wink:


:surprised Is she grabbing those swords? At the moment I’m not to sure if she is or isn’t. Looking very Fantastic. Ugly looking vermin appearing. COol!


Thanks for the replies:applause:

OZ: lol!:smiley: Yeah, I would like to do something really involved with the background on this one. Maybe make the scene more of/equally as important as the woman. :beer:

Gamoron: Yeah, she’s grabbing the swords. I think my sketching could be kind of hard to read for others beside myself…it’s always so sloppy!:shame: I think it will become more apparent once I start coloring.:beer:


Wonderful concept, will be realy fun to see how those drooling monsters turn out :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the pic flow better if you mirror it?


Thanks Alice!

Does the pic flow better if you mirror it?

Do you mean to check for errors? Or actually duplicate this half and attach to the other side to make the painting larger?
Thanks for the reply:beer:


i mean, the whole reading from left to right, also looking at a picture that way, so if just flip it horisontaly would actually make the action flow a bit faster?
I dont know, but on the other hand, that is easily made later on to check :slight_smile:


What are you doing? No updates? :bounce:


lol@ Gamoron!

I will try to update by tomorrow…I’ve been busy working on a second entry(under the handle “Spookadilly”) with my brother.



C´mon milady! We´re waiting for your colors to come!

(pd. I read about your second entry, my restiveness is appeased. But not for too long :smiley: )


Pancreas::beer: I’m trying! I haven’t started coloring on this one yet…not enough time! But, hold tight…I will get it done:wip: :wip: :wip: