Cinema4d + Stable Diffusion


Hi. Not sure, if it’s appropriate to post this here, given that “AI” might be a delicate topic.

I’ve been working on a plug-in for c4d, that connects c4d to a local installation of the Stable Diffusion AI image-generator web-interface “Automatic1111 stable-diffusion-webui”.
It’s basically a “front end” for it within c4d, utilizing the api that is provided by Automatic1111.

I just finished adding features and am beginning to wrap it, clean code etc.
It is written in R23, so the next step is to rent myself the most recent C4D-Release and make sure, that it’s also working in there.

After that, the idea is to have some testers help me in finding bugs, so that soon there can be a Version 1 that could be released.

If you’re interested in having a look, here’s a youtube channel, that shows a bit of a progression.


looks amazing. I saw something like this for Blander a short whi9le back… I’m excited that you’re working on this for c4d, and I’d volunteer as beta tester in a heartbeat (i’m running local automatic1111)