Cinema4D generated sci-fi film 'Cycle'



I’ve completed my film called ‘Cycle’. It is more of an arthouse science fiction film. It’s certainly not a mainstream Hollywood movie. But I did my best and I made it with Cinema4D so I thought you might be interested.
‘Cycle’ got an official selection badge from the 2012 Sci-fi London festival which is held between the 1st and the 7th of May in London. More info about the festival here:

Here is the homepage with a detailed FAQ and the trailer of ‘Cycle’:
Here is the Facebook page:

Ps.: It’s a CG forum and the films CG is not five star blockbuster quality since I basically completed the film alone. Let me know if you like it though.


Wow! it looks AWESOME! :buttrock: Congrats on completing it! :applause:


Hi Zoltan,

great stuff, keep it coming!

How long is the movie?

It is mocap animation, right? Want to tell about the process?



Great work!


Congrats! Liked the 2001 references, slitscan, Bowman jogging and the access tube.


The film is about 78 minutes long.

Yes, the full-body animation is mocap. Everything else (faces, hands, etc.) is hand animated. There is a lot about the process in the FAQ section of the films homepage. Let’s just say it was not made the good old fashioned way how a typical animation movie is made today. The resources were quite low to do that. Also after the first version of Cycle I watched the film a couple of times and decided to redo a lot of work. I even decided to rewrite part of the screenplay because I had new ideas. This was a not so typical creative decision. I did this a couple of times, so the final version is about v4.0 or so.
This type of feedback from the already finished materials made the film better (in my humble opinion of course) however it’s not something I would ever do with a fixed budget project.


Really amazing work, especial for being mostly solo on this. Loved the homages to 2001 as well. Great to see C4D really being used for filmmaking on this level. Bravo, keep it up.


78 minutes? Cool!
I hope we can see it one day.


This looks stunning, really looking forward to seeing the full feature :slight_smile:
The mocap translation to the rigs is so beautifully smooth, great work.



Amazing!! :thumbsup:
I would love to watch the full movie.


Just to give you an update on this, I just got the news that ‘Cycle’ will be featured at the 34th Moscow Film Festivals non-competition official selection. The Moscow Festival is considered an A list festival so this actually is really great news for ‘Cycle’.


Looks good mate, i look forward to seeing the whole film.

How did you record the mo-cap?


It does look awesome, some exceptionally beatiful and “true” shots there.


The mocap was recorded with a 12 camera Opti-track system which was at the time the most affordable mocap system. It only had a 3m by 3m active space and there are shots in the film where the characters move about a mile or so within one shot without actual cuts so we had to cut corners everywhere. Lots of sequences were recorded with two motion artists moving on the one and only running machine we had.


The motions are very nice. I like the white corridor and lightspeed fx. Reminds me of Stanley Kubricks film Space Odyssey 2001.


I would love to know how much of this film has humans in…
If I had 78mins to fill I think my film would be called “pretty space cubes”.
It is rendered in Vray or C4D itself?


For the whole 78 minutes we follow one man and everything he does. Unfortunately I could not fill any shots with only cubes but the idea is not so bad:)
I’ve used the C4D renderer, I felt there was no need to use Vray. The C4D AR solution is a lot more robust option and combined with the C4D material editor and lights it can’t be beaten by any render engine even outside the C4D realm if you’re NOT using GI. One of the main reasons for for me to use C4D was its standard render engine. I have about 10 years of experience with render engines from Mental Ray to Vray, I’ve even considered 3delight. You can get the quality out of most these but then you have to face the bigger render times and most especially the extensive work that you have to put into the render asset management. It is the latter where I was able to cut corners with AR while at the same time I was able hold the quality I needed.


Very Nice. I love the Space Odyssey moment :slight_smile:


It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote here but I the great news is that Cycle finally made it to the cinemas. For the time being it’s only out in Hungary since the 21th of February but it’s a start anyway. It’s a painfully slow process to get an independent film being shown anywhere but I’ll keep you updated.
In the last 8 months or so I’ve managed to render out the right camera so Cycle is now actually 3D and is currently shown in 3D at the cinemas. It also has a full Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack now so I guess I can call the last year a huge leapforward for Cycle. It is something I can call a film now. I guess this makes Cycle the first ever homemade stereo 3D CG feature that made the big screen - made with C4D, rendered on 7 PCs and at least in last 2 years it’s been fully self produced on a zero budget.

Here are some links just to keep them remembered:


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