cinema r13 viewport issue, cannot un-click mouse


I seem to have activated or triggered some setting (or stumbled upon a bug)that prevents me from un-clicking in the viewport. If I’m trying to rotate, pan, zoom or effect transforms on an object it simply will not let go. So I alt-click to rotate, when I release the mouse button it should stop rotating, but it does not. The only way to escape the rotate tool is to hit ESC which cancels my move.

Any ideas? Help is much appreciated.

Version R13
PC Windows


  • sonny

PS. i have tried the following:

  • restarting computer
  • deleting prefs folder
  • reinstalling program


Please post application specific questions in application specific forums, this is a hardware/os/technical forum, not a technical helpdesk for any app :slight_smile:


Does your mouse work properly in other applications?


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