Cinema C4D R2.0 Disk & Review


It’s Cinema 4D R2.0… :open_mouth:

How much is this 23 year old version worth…?

Photo of magazine replaced with clearer scan of the review of C4D R2.0


fun to see that. I jumped in much later, but it reminds me of other early 3d apps.


I played with 4.0 on an Amiga Emulator awhile back lol


ok, my copy of 2.0 looks a bit different, but it´s a German one - and from the copyright text 1991-1994 think might be 1994 as well My R3 says 1995 -1996.
Btw, don´t have documents but still disks labelled 1.5


I wonder how many 3.5" floppy discs you’d need for R20… and the browser content


Or x127 2.5" IDE 80MB harddrives.


I started with Cinema4DXL7 on the Mac ,mostly to render animated poser characters
via the various poser import plugins of those days and stopped at R11.5 studio where I remain today
I use Reallusion Iclone Pro and the much better Daz Genesis figures for my CA work that I render in C4D as
MDD animated meshesexported from Daz.

My R11.5 Studio despite being quite long in the tooth ,
is still useful as it is heavily enhanced with plugins such as
Realflow,Vray,Riptide pro, tile gen,winGen, thrausi
and many other plugins too numerous to mention.

However I am in the process of Migrating to my seat Lightwave2015
on Windows that I came by very cheaply two years ago.

As Lightwave Supports my Iclone/Daz Character pipeline natively without the need for plugins such as Riptide pro.
Also the Lightwave viewport renderer is an absolute joy compared to the utterly abysmal C4D viewport performance on my Old mac computer.
and the native particles and other VFX tools are much better suited to the type of Sci fi /Space based type of animated stories I like to create.


So I went into the loft today and found a bunch of boxes and had a few memories down the 3D lane…even discovering some old floppies of my Amiga days such as Pixel 3D that I’d hope I’d get to use, I never did back in the day…Couldn’t find the Maxon C4D XL 6 DVD box… I started on in 2002 but found a lot more. The line of white books are from XL R8, I think there’s a similar set for R9 XL in a box somewhere ( that’s where I put 6 XL I think)…So from left to right we R8 XL, 9 XL, 10 XL with new Bodypaint integration + Hair Module Added, R11 XL, 11.5 XL + Mograph.

Versions skipped, 7.0… 8.5… 9.5…10.5…
Version Product Costs - excluding postage.
R6.0 XL - £200 - No Manual , PDF + Plus Goodies.
R8.0 XL £410 - Includes Bible + Module Manuals + PDF Files + Bonus Content
R9.0 XL £419 -Includes Manuals + Bonus Content
R10 XL £420 + Hair £269 - Includes Manual+ PDF Files + Bonus Content
R11.0 XL £549 - Includes Single Manual - PDF - Bonus Content + 5 Hour + 11 Part Video Rigging DVD.
R11.5 XL + Mograph £697 ( no physical manuals - PDF) * Edited (Didn’t account for VAT on this one)

Total £2964
( + Postage - Slightly Over 3K )

Thickness of R8.0 main bible manual 42 millimetres.


Ah, the glorious times when you could unironically write “Another unique feature (…) just like in Real 3D” and not be kicked straight down the hallway by your editor, because there were no editors to speak of…