Cinema 4D's XRef and ProRender is causing problem with loading textures!?


Hello, i know about some limitations about this renderer in C4D since it is free but i have got this question about problem i am facing now. Please help if you can. Cheers!


how is pro render free in cinema4d? how are it’s bugs and/or limitations acceptable? if there are bugs,or issues, please report them( like there is no tomorrow). Let them know what is not working, it’s the only way things might ever get fixed (or improved upon). it does not guarantee a fix, or help you right now, but everyone should be bombarding them with bug reports on pro render(if they are not already doing so). For me, its still unusable. it has had a few years now. it’s not the new chicken it once was, and it should be at a different level by now. it’s an oddball in an otherwise pretty respectable package. Pro Render should never have been released in this form( imo ). I know some use it, but frankly, it is beyond me how anyone can.


ProRender is little short of a disaster in C4D. I played with the S22 demo briefly and thought it might be more stable (macOS). But now my demo has run out so can’t check further. Frankly it’s just not worth my time, either in C4D or even Blender which is a newer build – both are as crashy as hell. Still pinning my hopes on OctaneX for AMD GPUs which should be in public beta any day now…

And, further to a previous thread, Maxon should buy U-Render, make it work in Apple Metal as well as CUDA (they’ve done the viewport already) and incorporate that as an EEVEE-style (or better?) realtime renderer. THAT would shift copies of C4D I reckon.