Cinema 4d users to XSI Foundation?


I’ve just received this email :


He flingster,

I’ve been using C4D for the last year now after the advice of a friend. Started 3D with it. I really enjoyed learning and working with it. I learned the principles of 3D a lot faster then I would have with any of the other packages I think. Mainly because of it’s ease of use (allthough that might be debatable, to each it’s own flavour), but mostly through it’s excellently written manuals. Which i read and reread a couple of times.

After a years use, I come to the conclusion that the most important thing C4D lacks for me is a connection to a photorealistic renderer of the level of MR. C4D’s own renderer while very good at photorealistic stills, just doesn’t seem to cut it at photorealistic animation. I just I haven’t seen any studiolevel photorealistic animation that was directly rendered out of C4D’s own renderer.

So now that XSI sells foundation with MR, with 5 supposedly very well produced training DVD’s, for about 450 euros. This is really a no brainer for me.
You get access to a studiolevel photorealistic renderer with the info on how to use it.

Even though I think C4D’s new R9 features are great. To me they only extent C4D toolset but not the quality of the final rendered image which is of final importance I think.

So yes I’ll place my order here at Avid belgium first hour on monday.



They told me that they plan to update the entire product line, including Foundation, down the road, and implied that upgrading it would cost as much as purchasing it.

They also told me that you could upgrade to Essentials (or Advanced) for the price difference.


c4D to Xsi… I feel myself a little bit out from the current mood :blush: … I choose c4D as valid companion for some specific tasks (jdex, I use .fbx… works pretty pretty good)… also until for the moment it costs just $500… bring it… nothing to add… when it’s not a money problem… there’re not other problems :D… you’ve not to abdicate your religion, cultural imprinting, not to say bye bye to your family, not to lose your cheerfulness… not to betray your old mate or the mother of your kids, and not to get your vote to bush :)… but just to be ready(and proud) to change your mind a bit, to get a more open(aboveboard) point of view about 3D, to see yourself and your work under a different angle, to grow on your personal skills (instead to grant all the responsibilities to your software) and generally to lose some redundant opinions, to get instead some fundamental knoweledges… ehy!!.. how could you resist to get these things for just 500 dollars… xsi included ?!



heh heh maybe you’ve seen some of my recent posts on the c4d forum…unhappy bunny.
i agree with you totally… its not a life threatening decision, its not something i should guilty or sad about, its not something i should feel i have to do, its something i should do if it suits me and my work…500 dollars financially is not a major issue…the commitment in time and learning is far more i guess and a decision i have to be happy with really.
I’m just trying to get a feel for what can be done, and how things will pan out if i do move over…expanding ones horizon is a good thing, but it has to feel comfortable for my mind…heh heh…cheers.


What I would like to know is the plugin/scripting activily of XSI. C4D has always had a very active plugin/scripting community, often sharing their efforts for little or no cost. My perception of XSI is that is would be less so mainly due to the fact that it is used mainly in big studios where there is copyright/nda agreements or a lack of time to contribute. I think the ne price point will change this, but can you XSI’ers infomr me better?


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