Cinema 4d users to XSI Foundation?



I’m curious as to how many cinema 4d users have taken this xsi foundation offer up…it looks like a cracking deal and access to MR looks very appealling…i’ve not used it before and have messed about with experience in the past…a little…was just curious how other c4d users have coped with the transition etc. any info would be very cool.

thanks guys giving it serious thought slightly worried about upgrade policy in the future not sure what policy is for this?

not being familiar with MR it says you don’t get the .exe…is there any significant limits to this…i’m used to c4d integrated renderer so my inexperience in this area is really showing…most of my work is stills rather than animation…so an excellent renderer is priority.


Hi Flingster,

I got C4D Studio earlier this year (April), and am quite happy with it. While I wasn’t planning on expanding my toolset, since I’m just a hobbyist, I just couldn’t resist the Foundation deal. As someone who is still learning C4D I’m sensitive to how invaluable good resources for learning are, and the clincher was the over 30 hours of training on DVDs that they’ll be including with this. (I felt the feature set for Foundation seemed pretty robust for that price-point too…)

So, my decision was in no way based on dissatisfaction with C4D, but just my usual weakness for a new shiny ‘toy’ to add to the collection! However, having spent the money on this does mean I’ll most likely be delaying my upgrade for C4D until early next year, as the XSI purchase ate up my discretionary spending money for a few months.



Hi Flingster,

I used the CinemaCE ( 6.0? ) for a few months before I used XSI.

Mental Ray felt slow initially compared to the Cinema renderer but that’s mostly a matter of tweaking the settings, and you’ll love the render regions. ( interactive tweakery with fast updates…)

I don’t have enough experience of Cinema to compare other areas, I was only using it to set up a scene and grab a quick render of Wings models.

As you’ve probably spotted with the EXP, XSI is less forgiving of older hardware than Cinema, but for me the workflow is a lot faster for almost everything except materials as long as you use the shortcuts and get the whole “sticky keys / LMR-mouse axis” thing.

Overall, not as cuddly and welcoming as Cinema felt, but I always felt though that anything was possible, I just didn’t know how yet.
My opinions are naturally based upon an old version of Cinema though, so keep that in mind.


I whole heartly plan on taking up the XSI offer, unless there is some kind of divine intervention in which maxon offers the upgrade for the studio bundle 8.2 for $300 bucks or less. I’m still a bit miffed that i can’t upgrade to 8.5 NOW and get 9 for free, per the advertisment on maxon’s main web page. Apparently you have to buy it brand spank’n new!! Not to mention that it may cost additional $$ to upgrade the modules if i want them to work, say whaaaaaat!?

anyhow, the XSI offer is just too good to pass by if the upgrade to cinema is going to cost $600-$900 bucks.

not to mention i won’t have to explain to clients what “cinema is”, instead i can say I use XSI, no problem :wink:


thanks bud i get where you’re coming from with this.
there are quite a few differences between 6 and 8.5 in terms of speed, workflow etc…
the hardware shouldn’t be a problem at least i don’t think so…got an old 2gig athlon with gforce4600 in it…and a 3gig dual xeon, shed loads of ram and fireglmonster…so dunno is spec can run on either of this but shouldn’t be a problem…will check that though.
the workflow i understand is very quick which is a big plus also…i’m kinda curious about the materials and mr parts it feels like going back to the beginning again…was kinda curious how i’d fit in moving over to something like that picking up the differences and getting up to speed fairly quickly…obviously the training helps…dunno need to take a better look at it i think its a big decision to make for me having invested heavily in the past in time and money on c4d…if i’m gonna make the move in the future then in a way there is no time like the present with the current offer…will also miss my Sketch and toon module big time.


Hey old friend :slight_smile:

You might remember a year or so back that I was testing out Maya. Well after a lot of testing I went with XSI. I do not regret it one bit.

The modelling will blow you away. I have yet seen a program that runs so smooth. This thing is a piece of art. I always will have a soft spot for Cinema 4d. I see with r9 that they finally got n-gons! Nice job. However stepping into XSI is the closest I have come to 3d nirvana.

Max, Maya and XSI all have mental ray. However in XSI it does not feel like a add-on like the other two. It is totally integrated. While it is harder to learn I feel it is not as hard to learn as say in Maya. Quality wise there is no doubt it is a step above Cinema. That is not a insult at all. Cinema has a very good renderer. It is very easy to use. However the length you can take mental ray is so extensive. You mention sketch and toon. I have seen toon shaders on XSI that blow me away.

Take a look at this article

Node based shader tree. I think you will have a ball with it. You get that 5 dvd training set. I am pretty sure that would set you right on the way to beautiful stills.

Bottom line is Flingster that IMO XSI is the best “3d artist” product on the market. Obviously there is no better time to jump in.

I am not going to knock Cinema. It is a great product. I got a lot of respect for it. I just think XSI brings the artist tools to another level.

Shame we could not work on that little film we had in mind because I was testing out software. If you do get XSI then hit me up sometime

Take care


hey guys thanks for all the info…and good to see some familiar faces on here also.:thumbsup:
i think i need to research into it a bit better really…will take a serious look into it.
thanks alot for the info and perspectives on it and good to see you all again.


dont close this thread! :slight_smile: j/king
since im a long time cinema4d user, i would like to say something here.
ive been using cinema4d for around… 7 years now? im doing tv spots and on air design for the most of my time. with the connection to after effects there was nothing better for me. till i looked into xsi 3.5 more seriously. that happend… month ago? and im already working on a commercial stuff with xsi4! i tried to jump into maya for about a year but i guess it was just not the app for me.
you could find xsi workflow, gui, quality the best around. ive read the basic and modeling manuals already. now im reading about the shading and basic animation. i tell ya… xsi fundation is the best deal u can get now.

well… since now… u can call me xsier :wink:


i think some other c4d users have made the move recently from what i’ve read…seems there might be alot of traffic in both directions which is no bad thing i guess…interesting times.


Would you say that in general XSI is well suited for motion graphics / broadcast ? And if you can please explain why.

I’m a C4D user as well, but will add Foundation to my toolset. This is a no brainer really.



Hey Flingster,

Get the Experience XSI 4: The Official SOFTIMAGE XSI 4 Guide to Character Creation book. An excellent book that covers production process for making characters in XSI. You can find it in



Yes, of course. I used to use XSI until 3.0 and it was mostly for motion graphics work. Though, I think you are better off with C4D w/ Storm Tracer, JENNA and DTOOLs for motion graphics work, due to speed in rendering and a boarder toolset that are more ideal for motion graphics. Also there is the AE connection. If XSI wasn’t at $495 I would say it wasn’t worth it, but things are different now, so go for it.



Fling, XSI will absolutely fly on that spec system, the main reason I even mentioned specs was because Cinema will run fine on any old thing. ( one of the main reasons I was using it, my old comp was feeble.)

Yeah, no hardware worries there, subdivide away.


Yeah, if XSI doesn’t have similar plugins as the ones you mentioned, C4D is probably better suited for motion stuff. I think Cidertank in particular create their plugins with motiongraphics in mind. Their new plugin LOCO looks nice as well. Maybe Cidertank will start porting those plugins to XSI in the future, but I guess they might start with MAYA ports first.


Yeah, I complete forgot about LOCO. That is going to get alot of Motion Graphics work.



yes, i think xsi is very well suited for motion graphics. there is already a plugin that allows ya to export camera/light movements to ae (it’s based on the c4d plugin). modeling, animating, shading is just on the higher level in xsi. it’s completly different story. modeling is just a dream comparing to c4d. all the shaders you could do with bhodinut can be recreated in render tree in minutes. if fact i was blown away about how easy it was. animating… the timeline… ahhh i love it :). as someone said at cgtalk c4d has some serious lacks here (even if the f-curves are awesome).
there were some things i just could not do in c4d without the xpresso. in xsi or maya you have the proper tools and u dont have to think much about how to achieve some effects. you just do it.
generally… xsi works for me… more than c4d


hey flingster !

i did it, too :smiley: i just cant wait to hold that box in my hands !
until now, i only had the student version of cinema due to a lack of money, so i always was contingent on the agencys and whether they have a c4d-license i can work with to earn money… and NOW i have my own sexy license of xsi :slight_smile:

i made some modeling session with the exp and was totally blown away about the modeling in xsi compared to crappy cinemamodeling :slight_smile: ! cinema 4d is a beautiful app with a beautiful interface and workflow, but i think xsi will be the better app for me :slight_smile:

what do you think - i purchased xsi on wednesday via the onlinestore - when will it arrive ? (im living germany ;))

damned - cant wait…

best regards


I wasn’t a big fan of C4D modeling, but I have to give it to Maxon with R9, subD modeling is very impressive, with the added benefits of the new HUD, updated UI, it is looking alot better than subD modeling in XSI. Add Mesh Surgery in and no app can touch C4D in subD modeling. Cloth is also way ahead in R9 Mocca than it is in XSI Foundation, it is closer to Syflex in most regards. I can see studios buying the R9 core and Mocca for Cloth than buying Syflex, that is if Cloth animation can be baked out to FBX.



errm sry, but where do you see subD modeling in cinema ? nowhere, right, because its not included :wink: there are only “hypernurbs” and those are nothing else than meshsmooth (dunno how polysmoothing is called in xsi) in xsi !

the new clothilde - yes, thats absolutely awesome ! i played around with it and was very impressed by it :slight_smile: i think maxon did a great job with new refined modelingtools, too ! feels a bit like meshsurgery, but accuracy in modeling is a foreign word for cinema users…

another thing is the pricing of c4d - the renderer cant compare with mentalray and the material system cant compare, too ! also the nla-based animation system is ahead to cinemas. but even so its more expensive than xsi, so i think i did the right decision.

best regards

p.s. excuse my poor english :wink:


I’m in the Eddie camp. The price caught my attention, but the training is what has me leaning toward adding it (not jumping ship though). If Maxon hadn’t launched Cinema v9 at SIGGRAPH, I’d probably have bought XSI Foundation by now :wink:

thanks guys giving it serious thought slightly worried about upgrade policy in the future not sure what policy is for this?

Anybody’s guess, AFAIK.

not being familiar with MR it says you don’t get the .exe…is there any significant limits to this…i’m used to c4d integrated renderer so my inexperience in this area is really showing…most of my work is stills rather than animation…so an excellent renderer is priority.

It just means that you can’t render without running the UI also, just like in Cinema, so no big deal. It’s really not an issue unless you’re a render wrangler anyway, so for most of the people who jump on this, it’s not important.