Cinema 4D to Vue 6 Esprit...what format ?


Hi guys
i’m having serious troubles trying to export a scene, even a simple model made up of nothin mopre than a hundred polys, from Cinema 4D to Vue 6 Esprit…something messes up with the poygons themselves and the phong shading adn i simplòy can’t talk about the marterial appearance:shrug: …i’m trying with the obj format that seemed to me to offer the best compromise, but…simply doesn’t work.
Anyone has got some revelation ?! :slight_smile:
Thanks and bye


Materials won’t import unless they are image maps. And since Cinema doesn’t write an mtl file to export the textures with the obj model, all exported objs from cinema will load blank in Vue.

Now about the meshes, you shouldn’t have any problem importing them in Vue, could you provide a screenshot of the object in Cinema and in Vue?


Thanks for the reply Bruno.
I’m really disappointed for the Cinema export session, but i’m trying to find a remedy with the Riptide plugin since it works fine with Zbrush, so i will update news as soon as i have them.
Now i don’t have my pc…but the model is a simple low-poly about 400 polys.
It slows down the display a lot…and i have a Quadro FX 4000 with 512 megs on board, so i don’t know really what’s the problem…:eek:


Any n-gons in the mesh? I noticed that Vue triangulates everything, so maybe this mesh is simply too hot to handle for Vue, which is not a good reason, and should be reported to e-on’s tech support.


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