CInema 4D suddenly started severely lagging


Hello everyone,
I am new to Cinema 4D. Started working with this software (was working absolutely fine) but it started suddenlyt lagging severely with animation, volume builder etc.

I have updated drivers, it did not help. Also there is no button allowing to unclick OpenGL in the preferences, since my Cinema 4D just don`t have it :frowning: Also there is no file to turn off this OpenGL on disk C.


Would be very grateful if someone can explain what is an issue…


There is a Cinema 4D specific Subforum
In general it is a lot of help to have mor einformation on what version you are using, what hardware you are using and in case of scene specifc problems the scene.
Does the lag occur with every scene or only specific ones?
Volume Builder is quite CPU intensive depending on your settings and can take seconds to minutes to calculate the result.
Why would you like to disable Open GL?


thank you for your reply!

It lags not with every scene, but still veeery often, not just only with Volume Builder… Also takes ages to render (even though before it took much quicker the same complicated scenes).
if I understood you correctly,
I have AMD ryzen 5 4500h with radeon graphics and use C4D 21.207.

I just read on several forums that disabling of Open GL could help and thought that it could be an issue…

Looking forward to your reply.


If it doesn’t happen with every scene and there is no obvious common element in those scenes that are lagging you will have to provide one of the lagging scenes or analyze it as to what part makes it slow. I would still recommend you post on a Cinema 4D centric forum. If you don’t want to use the subforum here is a good alternative.


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