Cinema 4D - render farm setup - How?


Hello all…

I was hoping to find some help regarding the setup of my Cinema 4D render farm. I’m not familiar with the setup but I do have experience with other software and want to learn the best practices for C4D.

I have 8 machines total including my main workstation… all with an active Redshift License
I have one active C4D license for my workstation.
I use Royal Redner as my Render Manager.

What is the best/easiest way to install plugins as a “workgroup”? So I don’t have to update Redshift for all the nodes… While giving each node access to the latest version?

How does one go about setting up C4D as a studio would?

Thanks for the time?



Im not really a expert but I think most people use Deadline for as a good render farm solution.

In this video he explains how he handle the setup…



Thank you @wzwaan… I appreciate your reply.

Deadline is nice, but I use Royal Render… I basically need help understanding how to setup C4D as a studio would.

How to organize plugins and render on the network.

Thanks again


The basic setup is the same regardless of your choice of render management software.

You can’t use Team Render with non-native render manager (i.e. Deadline/Royal) so you’ll need to have the following per node:

  • C4D Command Line Instance
  • any plugins that are required for that particular job
  • Redshift


Thank you @danielHinton

Yes, I have the farm setup… My question was geared more towards setting up a plugin folder for each node to reference.

I find the rendering to be quite confusing in Cinema. There are so many places to name files and it becomes overwhelming.

I like to have each Take/AOV render to its own folder. How does one do this?

When does one use Regular Image vs Multi Image?

Thank you for the time!!


As of R17 you can use tokens to build a file path, e.g. $prj_$take would give you “myProject_myTake”.

Redshift will use this information to render your AOVs too.

I tend to set up my render settings in a new.c4d file saved next to the c4d executable.


Regarding plugins, you can set it up each node using the preferences from the team render executable. So it’s up to you really if you want to use the options in r19+ to refer to a folder for all your plugins or just use the default /appdata location.


Thank you for sharing… It’s greatly appriciated.