CINEMA 4D R9 announced


ya ya thats all great

still nobody has answered my question about bodypaint.

is it that hard to just recompile what you got for maya ver 6 while your playing around with the new one.
common guys. this is not the support you would expect.

you guys need some lessons from Joe Alter. one person complains on his board, he has got a fix in a couple of days or less.


Uh, can you guys get off my ass, I was obviously joking… maybe Maxon will include a sense of humour plugin for you guys too. :rolleyes:


man kiwi humor. that is hard to get. :slight_smile:


R9 fileformat is backward compatible to 8.5, you will only lose the new features when going back. If you have n-gons they will be shown as tris and quads in R8. Clothing is part of the MOCCA module.
A real NURBS modeller was high on the whishlist of many users, but to make it realy usefull we would have to surpasse at least Rhino which is no easy task at all. Anything less makes no real sense. IMHO hard core NURBS users are better off with Rhino or even Catia then with anything we might be able to include in CINEMA.
Ragdoll physics would be nice, but are currently not available.


Maya 6 exchange plugin is still in the works. It had to take a back seat during R9 development.


so when is the next amiga version comming out? you guys seem to have been slacking off on that despite it being your roots! :wink: how about a version for amigaos4?



I’m sorry if these are answered already, I’m a little excited, but I just had to ask few things. Been out of the loop of things for so long that I’m still using v7.

  1. So Forward kinematics are in?
  2. When it says compatible back to 8.5, does that mean few things in scene files from v7 will be lost?
  3. Sub poly displacement is the same thing as micro poly?
  4. “Displacement now with Intensity, Intensity (centered), RG, RGB (local/world), 16 Bit per channel support” <- same thing as normal mapping?
  5. In one of the videos the renderer seemed to start at both the top and the middle, what’s that about?
  6. How are n-gons handled when displaying polys in the texture mapper? I guess it just shows the entire circumfrance?

Jeez those movs on the site are cool, especially the tweak mode of the selector.

  1. there is fk/ik blending (and switch) in mocca yes
  2. cinema can load files from way back versions, what this means is if you save a file in r9 you can open it in 8.5 (previously due to massive changes in the materials/animation system the file format changes slightly so that while it could load in older files it couldn’t save them in a way that older versions of cinema could read them).
  3. yes
  4. no
  5. that’s multithreaded rendering, been in there since at least v7 afaik hasn’t it? anyhow, it’s just each cpu thread is rendering, so if you have n processors or a processor with ht you get as many render threads starting as processors/virtual processors available. you can of course also manually set this to higher values or indeed lower if you wish.
  6. haven’t spent much time in bp recently so couldn’t tell you.


Make that R5 :wink:


Yay! Gotta upgrade as soon as I got the funds :slight_smile: - perhaps not too interesting, but I’d like to know if you can choose the kind of polys a “NURBs” object works with?
And when will pricing details be made public?


As someone else said, it looks cool but lack of learning resources is my biggest reason for not really giving C4D more than a cursory look. This new version looks impressive as well, but if you have to struggle through it then it doesn’t really matter. The lack of quality tutorials and books is really hurting c4d if you ask me, the ones that are out there just aren’t useful, i mean “how to make a sphere” and “how to make an abstract blob” just really aren’t very helpful. I think maxon should take a cue from all the other major apps that did a major tutorial push and got their library of them built up.

Looks like a truely impressive release though, i know everytime a new version of c4d is released i’m amazed at how much is added compared to most other apps. Even C4d’s .5 releases are impressive.


This has been the biggest reason for me not getting into C4D. I think it looks awsome too and I liked the demo to certain degree but I cant find enough learning material for me to feel comfortable that I wont be stumbling around. The manual that I used when I downloaded the demo was very nice and better than alot of manuals out there but I need more advanced info.


a couple of things to note though…first off the learning curve is not as steep as something like maya…so the need for suplementary learning is decreased in a sense…i would certainly like to see more training by maxon…they are working on this recently an independant and maxon released two different sets of training cd’s so there is movement. also with the introduction of ngons a lot of the tuts on the net are now applicable and can be used…not ideal but certainly helpful. lastly this software app is making such big bounds in release to release it makes it harder to write material as some of it is likely to be out of date pretty soon. One note on the actual manuals is they are very good when used in conjunction with the tutorials…and they have also started including vtms on stuff like sketch and toon and bodypaint 2 which helps in a small way.
I do agree with you though…would like to see maxon being more aggressive in this area.


This is great news, I can’t wait to upgrade! :thumbsup:


That’s true, one of the reasons I liked c4d after trying several programs way back when is that there really wasn’t a huge need for tutorials. Now it looks like there will be a lot of new commands in this new version, but Maxon seems to have made it pretty friendly with icons to remember and self-explanitory titles.

Ah, well that’s my 4 year old processor for you.



Just downloaded demo. After looking what has been going on with C4D last 2 years, I’m almost ready to buy it. When will R9 be available to purchase? :slight_smile:


sept 04…afaik…don’t quote me


i am an x cinema user … not because i dont like cinema to be exact it was my first pro 3d package but certain things and clients caused me to switch to maya ( a lot of learning materials on doing special stuff and other dynamics and stuff) i was just wondering if i can get an honest comparasion to maya unlimited 6 … i loved everthing about using cinema 4d 8 and would love to presewnt to the powers that be a reason to switch or atleast buy me a copy


Oh man, not another comparison…

You should go to cinema forum to discuss that.


the demo is now avaialble for download, it’s best if you just download, see for yourself and make your own arguments for your bosses.