CINEMA 4D R9 announced


cinema is really comming along. nice upgrade !

did they mention anything about BodyPaint ? did they have demos with maya 6 ? Just want to know when it will be ok to uninstall maya 5

now that they have micro-poly displacement you think ?.. BP -> Z brush like
or am i dreaming ?




The image and text are a small thank you to those CG-Talk users that kept pushing us.
Personaly i don’t think it’s stupid to say thanks to those who support and help you.



So do the modules need to be upgraded with each release or do you simply upgrade the base package? Because there don’t seem to be any new features for some of the modules.


I think it’s very funny:) Not only the image, but also the text in the Maxon site.

I hope it’ll be aviable soon in Latinamerica.



Due to changes in the core the modules will need updates too. The upgrade price is adjusted to that of course.


realy nice update. :bounce:


I know it looks like plastic cloth. It was a test, with the standard - rather rubbery - settings. As I prepared that page before maxon’s page was online, I needed something quick-and-dirty. So don’t judge Clothilde by that movie - Maxon had nothing to do with that.


video examples


I have to say… the new modeling tools look absolutely awesome! Micropoly displacement as well? Wow.

Stunning release. May have to get both XSI fundamentals and C4D R9 core for home use now.


Posted in wrong thread.


many application that comparable with C4D is cheaper…such like LW.:sad:

dont get me wrong, i love it but if compare to Studio Bundle + S&T is not cheap…<even Maya complete is cheaper haha>:cry:

how do you guys think? Do you think the price is ok? Dont tell me about buy separate module only necessary, I just compare the full package + some plugins & features set.
Any new Advanced Render Module? Caustics with spectrum color or any speedy Radiosity/Area Shadow?


S&T is in a league all of its own for a start…bargain at double the price imho. studio bundle will give most things a run for there money.

anyways looks like a fantastic release…good to see maxon taking care of there users in a big big way and a phenomenal amount of workflow increases which we’ve been begging for awhile…and as srek points out a complete modelling re-work…with this release there is something for everyone…good to see.
looking forward to it hitting my desk sometime soon.
just gotta get my hands on sub poly displacement…the website doesn’t even cover half of the cool stuff…

judge for yourself my advice and give the demo awhirl once its out.


LW isnt comparable to the studio bundle though. compare lw to the basic standalone version of c4d.

Does lw have the best toon and diagram shader included? Studio does.

Does lw have a full texture painting app included? studio does

lw doesnt even come marginally near studio, thats why its cheap.


This is the hightlight of my day…



Wow. This is so great. Maxon rocks, c4d rocks. thanks so much guys for this update. Anyword on the price for an upgrade from xl 8.5. Also any new features for advanced render gi and area shadows. Just curious because thats something i was realy looking forwrd to. Im sure there are alot of shading and rendering features that havent even been shown yet. This is so great. I cant wait. the cloth was not even big on my list but its realy got me excited now. I saw the dressing meg on c4d portal and was like wow. a few more things though. Is the new format backwards compatible or able to have some backwrds functionality. will we have to pay for module upgrades. Is cloth sim part of dynamics or just an awsome new feature. Is there anything about bone colisions (ragdoll) physics of bones. any nurbs upgrades not that i think that any were realy that high up on the list. Ngons is great, though not all that shocking. Realy great job guys. thanks again.

many application that comparable with C4D is cheaper…such like LW.:sad:

dont get me wrong, i love it but if compare to Studio Bundle + S&T is not cheap…<even Maya complete is cheaper haha>:cry:

i would hardly call lightwave a comparable app anymore. Not sure about modeling but its renderer though very good is also very slow and becoming obsolete. Cinema is fast evolving and constantly being upgraded. It has the fastest best renderer atleast for most things and is not lacking in any area. Also getting the studio bundle is not the best way to compare it to other apps. Out of the box (with AR) cinema stacks realy good. Say im an architect. Do i want to pay for maya when its only decent rendering solution is mental ray (soon vray though sure wish c4d could have a bridge) and pay all taht for Caracter animation and softbody dynamics. Why not go the c4d roughte and get what you need and dont pay for what you dont. I think C4d is the best app out there and that its quickly becoming more and mor popular as people realize it. Somehow theres a mentality that its not as good as 3dsmax because it has a smaller user base. Heck theres not even a tut section at 3dTotal and whenever someone lists 3d apps of the top of there head they think, 3ds max, maya, softimage, lightwave, and then maybe c4d. Well ive only used the 3ds max and maya demos but everyone i hear who switches to c4d seems realy happy. Cinema may be more if you want the whole studio bundel but if you dont need everything right away its among the cheapest and im sure it will keep its pricing very competative for years to come. I dont mean to start a flame war so im sorry if i ofended every one its just irritating the whole mentality maya was used on lotr so its the best and max is the one that everyones using ill get that. C4d is one of those crappy poser apps for the same price. Not that thats waht you said but its just kinda what those who dont bother to look around see. Maybe c4d is more expensive than maya but to tell you the truth i think its better. Lightwave is great and has one of the highest quality renderers im constantly amazzed byt the results. 3dsmax obviously has something going for it. Alot of its features are realy impressive. Maya is great all around package with realy cool ways to build it into any workflow and script in what ever you need to do not to mention great softbody and fluid dynamics. Softimage is great to and with its new picing scheme resistance is damn near futile. And of couse there are tons of great smaller apps and more specialized or of the wall apps that make great aditions to any pipeline. But dont underestimate the power of cinema 4d. Thats all.


Wee I’m excited but I haven’t even gotten 8.5 yet:sad:


I loves you guys, but yeah my wallets clean empty right now lol :). The demo will be fun though haha :D.


Only thing bad about cinema 4d is the weak tutorials online. Nothing really substantial, and not very many books on it outside of going online and buying one.

I’m a Barnes and Nobles browser, can’t browse book online.

I hope there is more support and better tutorials because the price is right and it does everything I need to!!!

To bad there is not classes for this


Man what a stupid kiwi. Shame on you.


flog, there are classes for cinema, at least in europe.