CINEMA 4D R9 announced


Overhauled modelling
N-Gon support
New and enhanced CA Tools
Sub Polygon Displacement
Many Worklow and Interface Improvements

Have fun


Wow, that’s a very nice upgrade, good job Maxon!


yay, the feature list is already down :smiley:



Wow, it looks really impressive… Are there already some Animations of the Cloth-Modifier online? Or Test renders of the Sub Polygon Displacement? Can’t wait to download a demo-version :)And N-Gons…finally…i never want to see a triangle in my entire life :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:applause: :applause: :applause:



Here’s a vid of the cloth:

It doesn’t look that great. More like plastic wrap than cloth. Hopefully they come out with better examples.

There’s also some examples of the micro-poly displacement in the c4d forum.


I think, it looks already fine. But you’re right, it looks a bit like rubber, but i think, it’s only a parameter-thing :slight_smile:


And look at how the corners bounce, not very cloth like. It’s a start though.


lol, “short break - we’re back soon” :smiley: i guess they didn’t expect such a big request in the first two hours…



Then Maxon shows discreet and others what a real upgrade should be!

Maxon rocks!!:thumbsup:


Upgrade looks OK - Ngons, phew!! BUT, XSI less than $500, excellent reviews before price drop. mmmm, time to think…


we’ll see bout the cloth thing, but way to go Maxon! Impressed indeed.


Awesomeness - and the thread concerning this in the Cinema forum ought to be plugged stat! :smiley:


Exciting news! :slight_smile:

“Overhauled modelling” - hmmm I wonder what that could be?

I’ve plugged this one on the front page.


We are talking about a completely revamped modeling workflow.
Thanks for plugging


Seems we forgot to mention a number of “smaller” things from R9 on the website.
Well, here is a list of things that came to my mind.

  • No Active Tool Manager any more, it has been replaced by the AM who can be used in multiple instances if you liked the old worklfow

    • Drag & Drop for most Text input fields (Selection Restrictions etc.)
    • Animation in the AM by using the red dots / circles for each property
    • Almost every animatable porperty can be used in the new Head Up Display
    • Mouse centred Global Popup with the most common commands
    • Tearable menus for fast interface adjustment
  • Head Up Display for many viewport and scene informations as well as nearly every object property. Properties can be grouped and modified as well as animated in the viewport

    • Wastly extended viewport options
    • Multi Key shortcuts
    • Optional Fin display for bones


    • Highlighting
    • Tweak mode
    • Auto Switch mode
  • Brush Tool (Smear, Pull, Surface, Normal, Repel, Spin, Twister, Vortex and Smooth for modelling, Paint, Blur, Intensity and BLeed for Vertex weights) Several Fallof options including User defined

    • Iron
    • Slide
    • Stitch & Sew
    • Collapse
    • Bevel with user defined spline
    • Close Polygon Hole
    • Measure & Construct
    • All older tools have been completely overhauled all of them now interactive.
    • Selection functions: Loop, Ring, Outline, Fill
    • Easier selection conversion by using qualifiers when switching modes
    • Multiple Object modelling
    • Isoline Editing
    • Deformed editing
    • N-Gon on/off option for most tools
    • Pivot point


    • Cached soft shadows
    • Increased Raydepth (500 instead of 50)
    • New Fresenel Option for more realistic glass
    • Sub Polygon Displacement with different smoothing options (can replace HNs in some situations)
    • Displacement now with Intensity, Intensity (centered), RG, RGB (local/world), 16 Bit per channel support

    Character Animation

    • New fast Hard-IK
    • Faster and more predictable Soft IK
    • IK / FK Blending
    • Auto IK Lock
    • Pole Vectors
    • Motion Blending with ghosting
    • Motion retargeting to match motions to different skeletons
    • Tearable Cloth
  • Cachable Cloth

    • Cloth NURBS that allows to give cloths thickness
  • Selected Polygons can be excluded from collision- Posemixer is now a Tag and more powerfull then ever :slight_smile:

    • Quaternion interpolation (three variations)

    Import Export

    • RPC
    • Combustion, Final Cut
    • NXN Alienbrain


  • G5 Optimisation

    I’m sure i missed out many details though :wink:

    Have fun


C4D really shines with every version. I don’t use C4D but remember how easy it was to get grips with while I used a demo. Hope that they’ll keep on putting pressure on competition
and give other sofware vendors a run for their money.


Hahaha in the features page: Modeling with N-Gons - has a picture of characters made in C4D with balaclavas on with ransom-like text demanding n-gon support, talk about stupidity on Maxon’s part, 9 releases to get n-gons… bow your heads in shame.


so , how much for a new purchase ?


NUKE-CG, if you can’t say anything intelligent, then don’t say anything at all.


That image was a bit of an in-joke among the users. If you don’t get it - you don’t get it :wink: