Cinema 4D R23


I think with the current development, a subscription is a way to go, especially if scene nodes are the future, you will want to continue on that progression with updates. I think about keeping my R20 with a subscription to follow the progression of scene nodes updates.


You’re limited to 14 days, after that you need to buy a licence in order to run c4d


A completely new GOZ was written for S22 (the old one was coffee based & so it died with the coffee scripting language). My boss has used it a lot & says it is very good & reliable (the old secret polygon limit is gone, you can now import polygroups). I have only just got my hands on it, because I stayed on perpetual (not sure I made the right choice, but there we are)


What do you mean by numerical generator?
You should check out the Ressource editor it offers a lot of detailed control over how the interface looks and works, including drop downs etc.


Thanks, I am going to look into the resource editor, I posted an image of what I am looking for at a basic level on C4D Cafe:


Thanks Decade. You haven’t by any chance tried it on R23? Perhaps it works in the demo, so I should try it out myself.


I haven’t, although it’s the same one that I have been told works fine in S22, so only a newly introduced bug would break it. I believe that Maxon took over the development themselves, presumably because Pixelogic were unable/ uninterested in updating the old version.


Could not pass by and not to say that the more I’m trying out new Normal Scale\Move\Rotate behavior - the more questions I have on why to change it. Sry but R21 and prior functionality of this tools is so solid, usefull and simple. I’m using C4D for modelling for a long time and can say for sure that this little change will broke a lot of modelling workflow.
Discuss this with team as FritzK said please to consider, Maxon.


I’m still a little fuzzy on the node system. I understand that it’s the future for speed and power but is it intended at some point to replace the drag and drop approach? Like if I want to make a mograph grid of objects will we not be able to grab a mograph cloner from the menu and drop something inside of it? Will the interface become entirely node based?


No, the nodes will be an optional route that you can jump into and out of any time you like. It is expected that the vast majority of c4d work will still take place with the object manager. You can either shift fully to nodes and pretend you’re using Houdini, or you can open them up when the object manager limitations slow you down or prevent you from doing what you need.


Ok, I’m digging that so far. I can navigate the node systems just fine in Redshift and Cycles but watching that above video I can quickly see where my artist brain is going to run into limitations. So lets say I drop in a mograph cloner and an object inside of it with a Random effector to make a cloud of randomly floating objects. Can I now open this cloner in the node system for fine tweaks while retaining the traditional OM system I’m used to?

What about deformers? Will this have a viewport speed up for things that trash performance like the displacement deformer?


You are describing a possible future workflow, currently only nodes are available.


Early to ask I know… But I also want to know if scene nodes can work like houdini assets -or even Houdini bridge, and if you plan of supporting scene nodes to Datasmith plugin for Unreal.

I do a lot of C4D / Unreal exchange. Thank you.


Sorry it is to early to give a meaningful answer.


Ok, just received my R23 license. Still some problems with licensing (only the Trial is working for now). But that is not my point.

License ID-problem
I am still working with R21 and discovered that Forester plugin is suddenly not working anymore. I appears (I contacted Maxon) that when you get a new license for R23 the License ID for both versions changes. Forrester uses a license that is tied to this ID so that is the reason it does not work anymore.

Edit: I already gota new license from 3Dquackers, so it is solved now!

Just a heads up if anyone gets the same issue.

Cheers, odo


BEWARE: installing R23 breaks the ZBrush GoZ connection to other C4D installs.

I am still using R19 (even though I own R20 and R21) because I do a lot of ZBrush sculpting for my work and GoZ doesn’t work with R20 onwards.
R22 and R23 have a new GoZ functionality so I thought I’d test R23 with the 2 week trial period. Whenever I pressed GoZ from ZBrush it would start R23. I would make sure the path to C4D in ZBrush is R19, which I use for all my work, but R23 must have done something to the GoZ files which forced all GoZ exports from Zbrush to go to R23.

Annoying but I worked around this during the trial period. That trial finished and so I uninstalled R23 buuuuuutttt . . . GoZ was not working at all now. I checked the path to C4D and made sure it was to my R19 install. I ended up grabbing the GoZ folder from another machine and pasted that into my main machine and that fixed it. BUT it was a completely unnecessary waste of my time.

So if you use ZBrush and C4D don’t upgrade until you are ready to commit to R23 all the way as C4D will break the GoZ connection.

It is really annoying how long C4D took to fix the GoZ connection and now that ‘fix’ is messing with me.


Would any PlugIn Dev have a look at these 2 functionalities, that would really help me in my character process in R23? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!


Any news or announcements on next update\SP for R23?