Cinema 4D R23


I have the feeling this might be resolved in the next service pack :wink:

If you need a workaround for the moment: deactivate the caps


Normal Scale\Move\Rotate can be reproduced with different C4D versions. R21 work as it should for me, but R23 Trial does a very bad job. I’ve made two videos with representation of it and scene attached also (it’s really simple one and done at R21).



example.c4d (282.9 KB)


Hi E2GO,

this was an intentional change to the normal scale behavior. I’ll forward this for discussion.



Ok. Thanks for info but it’s some kind of breaking apart it’s normal behavior for modelling process. Well at least for those people who modelling a lot in C4D.


oh, why did they change that? R21 behavior is way better!


Indeed and so much useful!


Can someone talk more about the scene nodes feature:

  • What are the issues in it not working with certain other features?

  • Confirm that it is only a demo? What are the limitations?

It looks like something similar to gH for Rhino, which is very interesting.

I think the comments about the workflow appearing to be more complicated is one of the benefits in that you can now pull apart commands and make tweaks and interesting adaptations that we could not do before.


Scene Nodes are scheuled to be the base for Cinema 4D in the future. As such they can’t fully integrarte into the existing Cinema 4D structure since that would impose exactly those limitations it is meant to overcome, namely speed and order of execution problems (beside many other things). Scene nodes can use Cinema 4D standard geometry and scene information (Parameters values, geometry, …), but it can not manipulate anything outside of its own scope. This is due to Scene Nodes being at the end of the scene evaluation order.
Over time more functionality will appear for scene nodes until at some point in the future they can and will replace old Cinema 4D completely.
In its current state Scene Nodes are a tech demo. They are already very powerful, but they have a limited scope. At this point you can think of them as core building blocks, like unspecific Lego pieces.
Scene Nodes are not meant as a replacement for the Object Manager, future workflows are meant to be based on our current Object Manager workflow, but implemented using the new node based core.
Making yourself familiar with scene nodes can give you an early impression on where things are going technology and speed wise, but the current workflows are pretty basic and no indicator for future higher level workflows.
Anyone who is into node setups wil imo be able to already get a lot of practical value out of scene nodes, but they are currently not in a state that they could be named a feature.


Do we have tutorials on how to use scene nodes?


There’s a big new, paid course on C4D scene nodes now up at C4DCafe. On YouTube, Chris at Rocket Lasso is starting to investigate them and did a live stream with Rick Barrett yesterday, with more videos looking at nodes coming soon.


Thanks that clears it up.


I was a little underwhelmed by the inclusion of Magic Bullet Looks in R23 to be quite honest. I just didn’t see how I could use it as my workflow always uses AE to finesse renders in C4D. And then I used it yesterday and it was brilliant! Doing some story board frames and I was easily able to make the viewport black and white, add a vignette all within the one app. This is quite an interesting departure for C4D and I think a welcome one


I’m still loitering on R20 due to the fact that things have changed in my life. I’m keen on getting back into C4d and get back on track further down the line - however I’m not too sure when that will be. I’m just wanting to know what the limitations are with the trial - can I open it still after 14 days and just not save? render watermark? I guess I’m asking if there is a personal learning edition? I’m interested in learning some of the new features - but can’t justify subscribing just yet + don’t want to get left behind.



That’s the horror of subscriptions. Can’t pay? Well, no fun for you.

I opened R23 and realised, heck, can I still use R21 because that’s where ALL my working plugins are. And now if if stop paying, am I stuck using R19? I’ve paid the sub, to keep up to date, but I absolutely hate the system.


I had a chance to work with the new scene nodes feature- I have a few comments - where can we make suggestions to Maxon?

The materials nodes and scene nodes window does not show a distinction between the two areas. I was confused at not seeing specific nodes for the scene components because I was still in the material nodes section with no obvious way to switch from one to the other easily.

Scene Nodes:
Are there any slider nodes, or integer or decimal input nodes?

Can we have more visual scripting nodes like:
Number Slider
Value List


Scene and Material nodes have a lot of overlap, many nodes work in both environments. The titel of the node graph indicates where you are.
Currently the nodes don’t offer any kind of direct data entry, we are evaluating this for the future.
Do you mean something like the switch node by value list?
What do you mean by number slider?


Hello Shrek, I see; I work with the R23 trial version 23.008 RC - thanks-

Yes, the switch node could work as a value list input. I would enjoy having a numerical generator for providing information - I have not seen a node for that yet.

Thank you,


Also, providing an alias for some of the input names would be a useful feature for scene nodes.


I’m still on R20, but as the price for a permanent license upgrade is around $1k, I’d have ended up spending less than two MSAs to get to R23. That savings may have compensated for the ignominy of being kicked off Cineversity.

Does anyone know if GoZ works with R23? That was one of my main irks with R20.


Is there a way to provide a drop-down selection for a key and value pair for a series of scene nodes options?