Cinema 4D R17 announced


Like the summer follows spring - or should I say the winter follows fall? - we have reached that inevitable point where the words in the incredibly passionate C4D community have turned personal and dark.

Must we gentlemen - and ladies - resort to such words? We who have toiled with C4D - have carried it along, as it has carried us - must we abandon it in spite of the slings and arrows of a slow viewport and other inequities? After all, it has served us well and true for many years. And should the need arise to journey down a separate path from our true friend, shall we not bid it a fond farewell, instead of sneering at it with contempt?

Must we think the worst of each other, that a comment is taken in the worst possible way? Can we not help our fellow artist out by asking for a clearer explanation for some point, instead of landing a verbal punch and heading triumphantly into our corner of the boxing ring?

Let us celebrate our limitations as an opportunity to do better, not as a weakness to be shunned or ridiculed. And let us pray to the pixel gods that we did, in fact, hit “save” before some regrettable misfortune befell us.


You won’t get half your money back. Buying a digital license off another user is exactly the same as buying it from the company but for whatever reason, few people choose to do so.

If you sell, expect to lose half your purchase price or more.


I think you missed the end of my post, where I agreed with you and said I’d shut up about Element 3D. :smiley: Peace.


meanwhile at maxon… und now zhey are talking about zkraken!? schnell everybody out of zpool start coding! …und leave z rubber ducky! :smiley:


Maybe I’m reading your post incorrectly. Maxon has agreed to provide support:


Obnoxious, arrogant, rude, evil, bastard monster from hell. Project much?


zum Wohl!


This is so cool! I feel like I’m watching two highly skilled boxers in the heavyweight fight of their carers. :applause: :bounce: :scream: :thumbsup: :applause:


Cheers Mate!


Yeah at this point some people are starting to take / make this personal and some even trolling with disingenuous assumptions and conclusions they probably know are not the case. Thread will probably be locked at some point. Rightly.


I’m just surprised he missed off Satanist, Nazi and paedophile.


Is it time to lock this thread? I believe it has derailed into insults

… And nazis?


I think I will crack open a bottle of the Glen Livit when R17 arrives, then play with it through a fog of drunkenness


Autodesk has discontinued the perpetual license program in favor of the subscription model. From now on, Maya is $140-$180 / month.

Those of us making a living with our software simply HAVE to consider the opportunity cost of sinking $3,700 into C4D, which still needs a bunch of third party stuff to match the functionality of Maya, versus a $140/month payment. It’s not a hard choice.


Don’t be disingenuous about the updates. It’s been stuck on the current release for a year, even though Stefan had said from the get-go that an update with RT and other features was coming in “a month or two.” That last release was a failure of epic proportions, users were in near revolt over the number of bugs and busted features. They still haven’t addressed many of the bugs.

As for the crashes, vrayforc4d is ridiculously crash prone. All software crashes, but this is different.

By the way, the current Max version isn’t more advanced than the Maya version. Have you seen the feature list of 3.1 for Maya? They have different features specific to those programs, but there’s almost total feature parity outside of that.


Depends on whether you’re focused short or long term.

C4D is only $3700 initially, the MSA at $695 then becomes the yearly lump sum for your continued ‘subscription’ (which works out to about $58/mo.) So, let’s extrapolate outward:

--------------------------• Maya •----------------------------• C4D •
Year 1 - ----------------$1680 ($140 x 12)…$3700

Year 2 (cumulative) - -$3360…$4395—(+$1035)

Year 3 - ----------------$5040…$5090—(+$50)

Year 4 - ----------------$6720…$5785—(-$935)

Year 5 - ----------------$8400…$6480—(-$1920)

Year 6 - ---------------$10080…$7175—(-$2905)

And so it goes, each year thereafter the gap widens in favor of C4D by almost a grand ($985). If you are planning on being in business for more than a couple of years, Cinema wins hands down from a strictly financial standpoint, depending of course on what it is precisely you DO - there are always variables - but these numbers are pretty strong.

As for plugins… sure Cinema is enhanced by many plugins… some necessary for your workflow, some that are nice to have… but I have yet to see any pro-level software, 3D, Video NLE, DAW, etc that doesn’t rely to one extent or another on plugins. Every artist on every platform has his or her own list of must haves.




We are looking at 27 pages debating the future of Cinema 4D, things were bound to get a little tense. :argh:


Even I am not perfect :slight_smile:


3 - 2 - 1 and we are done here.