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   [b]MAXON Announces Milestone Cinema 4D Release 17[/b]

    [b]Groundbreaking Innovation Optimizes Workflow and Elevates 3D Content Creation Experiences


            FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany – August 4, 2015 -- [MAXON]( today announced [Cinema 4D Release 17 (R17)](,  a milestone release of its cornerstone 3D animation, graphics, VFX,  visualization, and rendering software. Cinema 4D R17 delivers new,  expanded and completely reworked features for exceptional performance  allowing creatives to more easily and efficiently manage and create  outstanding content. Central to Cinema 4D R17 is the new Take System  that provides complete and flexible scene handling to manage render  layers and animation variations. Also included are new Lens Distortion  tools for improved motion tracking, and completely reworked Spline Tools  for a more efficient workflow for manipulating points, lines, tangents,  arcs and more. 

“MAXON is committed to enriching user experience and productivity,” says Harald Egel, managing partner at MAXON Computer GmbH, “The robust new features and subtle refinements throughout Cinema 4D R17 make this a must-have release.”

[b]Cinema 4D R17 Feature Highlights


At SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, August 11 – 13, MAXON will preview the new features in R17. Key highlights include:

Take System: Delivers new functionality above and beyond a Render Layer System to provide flexible scene management allowing artists to create numerous independent takes of a scene and change almost any parameter for intuitive variations – all saved in a single scene file, eliminating file management hassles and wasted disk space. The ability to maintain complete versioning and variation control also saves users valuable production time.

Lens Distortion Support: Easily generate a distortion profile for any image, e.g., for curved and plunging lines when integrating 3D elements into videos or photos. The intuitive interface also improves functionality to remove distortion for tracking and scene creation, re-apply distortion at render time and offers the option of saving lens settings for future use.

Graph View for Motion Tracker: R17 has a new Graph View that highlights problem track points in a simple-to-use graph and lets users easily remove them from the calculation for improved efficiency.

New Spline Tools: The completely reworked Spline Tools in R17 provide artists with added control for manipulating points, lines, tangents and arcs more intuitively. Users can leverage Boolean operators like Intersect, Subtract, Union, And, Or for an even faster workflow.

Animation Workflow Enhancements: Now artists can animate faster and with more precision in Cinema 4D R17. Simply control F-Curves with weighted tangents with the option of automatically removing overshoot. Easily eliminate Gimbal lock with Euler filtering, define animation regions using range markers and master animation workflow with new Timeline preferences.

Sculpting Improvements: MAXON introduces dozens of new features in R17 to sculpt with precision and ease. The Sculpt to Pose Morph feature automatically creates morph targets for each sculpt layer, which lets artists quickly transition from character design to character animation. The new Edge Detection feature is designed to let users easily sculpt hard-surface models.

Houdini Engine Integration: A seamless integration for Side Effect Software’s Houdini Engine lets users load Houdini Digital Assets (HDA) such as parametric objects, simulations, etc., into Cinema 4D and manipulate them like standard Cinema 4D generators. The Houdini Engine processes the HDA in the background with extremely low overheads and returns it to Cinema 4D for a highly efficient yet unobtrusive workflow.

SketchUp Integration: Tighter integration in R17 with SketchUp – a 3D modeling program for a wide range of drawing applications ranging from film and video game design to architectural and interior design – lets creative professionals quickly populate scenes by accessing free, ready-to-use objects created and made available by the SketchUp user community.

Cinema 4D R17 Pricing, Availability and Upgrade Path

Cinema 4D Release 17 is scheduled to ship September, 2015. Pricing and upgrade information is available at Available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

[li]Recommended system requirements[/li][/ul]
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   		 			 	 		 	 		 		 			[b]About MAXON Computer[/b]

	 			 		 			 		 			Headquartered in Germany, MAXON* Computer is a developer of  industry-leading professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and  rendering solutions. Its award-winning Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D  software products have been used extensively to help create everything  from stunning visual effects in top feature films, TV shows and  commercials to cutting-edge game cinematics for AAA games, medical  illustration, and architectural and industrial design applications.  MAXON has offices in Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan  and Singapore. MAXON products are available directly from MAXON and its  worldwide distribution and reseller channel.MAXON is part of the [Nemetschek Group](


It was a pleasure to betatest R17 (which I’ve been using in production for the past few months now as it’s already reliable for work) for Maxon once again.
I recommend checking the new Takes system as it’s the biggest feature of R17 imho, it’ll help a lot from now on.
Well done everyone.


Some nice stuff here to be sure. Congrats to Maxon for their hard work! I do get the impression that bigger things are on the way but well done anyway.



Hey Everyone,

In concert with the announcement of Cinema 4D R17, we’ve just released Quickstart videos showcasing its exciting new features.

Take System for Design Iteration
Take System for Render Layers
Spline Tools for Drawing, Sketching, Smoothing, and Combining Paths
Lens Distortion Tool for Undistorting WideAngle Footage
Motion Tracking Workflow
Render Tokens for Filename and Location Templates Animation Workflow and Keyfram Interpolation Enhancements Color Chooser for Color Scheme Design, and Sampling Colors from Images
Global Material Override
Variation Shader for Random Colors and Seamless Textures
Sketchup (.skp) Import of Textured Models from 3D Warehouse

Learn more: New in Cinema 4D Release 17 Quickstart

The Cineversity Team

Disclaimer: Although these tutorials and many others on Cineversity are free gifts to the community, some require premium membership to view.


Some more videos about different features.
Didn’t cover THE big feature which is the take system but I’m sure they’ll be plenty of videos covering it!!

Main features



Content Browser presets




Is that it?



This is R17? No under the hood optimization? No new viewer?

Oh man


Not sure what kind of viewer you expected, but as usual there was a lot of under the hood development. They mostly concern stability, optimizations etc.


this looks all good!

(expected more though …eg. drawing parallel splines since you already bought that code years ago :banghead: , specially with your updated spline tools announcement or overall speed ofc).

can anybody with coding knowledge tell me is it really that hard to enable the skulpting symmetry options for the regular poly tools!?!? unbelievable :blush:


I’m no coder, but i do know that the sculpting code and the polygon modelling code are two very different things. This is not about enabeling something but a completely new implementation.


Having defended Maxon here in the threads…this is thin.

Any important small changes in Xpresso or the char tools?


Nice. Takes, which is essentially Render Layers on steroids is pretty huge for anyone in production.

Would recommend anyone who thinks this isn’t much to go and read the full feature list.

Well done to the Maxon team, I’m in.



Gotta love it when integration with a third party tool (Houdini) is included as a “feature.” No viewport changes, no GPU speedups listed, no new cameras, old kludgy things still left as they were.


The new features look nice, but…

It seems to me this fits in with the recent pattern of a new feature or two that might help a subset of users, a couple small tweaks to old things, and no significant reworking of things that need it, and a lack of groundbreaking, new tools.

I have a hard time thinking of anything I do today that I couldn’t do in R16, R15, R14, R13, R12…and many of us have been making requests for things for a long time. Sigh.


I’ll reserve judgement until all the small details are known, there was always more under the hood then what’s obvious in the first release, but I am also underwhelmed at the moment.

But take system looks realy great. And spline improvements are nice, but I realy hoped for a way to use splines for cutting :frowning: Now that projection seems to have improved this would have been somewhat logical… But maybe this is one of the small surprises.

I was really hoping for Node based shader editing. Last years reflection channel just destroyed the editor for me and removed for me the argument, that the “old” system is so easy to use that we do not need a new editor. I was realy sure the reflection channel was just a first step…

Houdini bridge is big thing, but just not for me.

Doesn’t look bad, but I don’t see the milestone yet. I don’t want even to start to think about how much of this will be in Prime…

But let’s see.


I remember when the new featured used be exciting to get my hands on.
This looks more like a point release and some plugins to be honest. I thought that some inroads into rendering would be there at least. Some of the tools look nice for sure but I can clearly see why certain people have felt shortchanged. I feel this release will be a very low uptake. The yearly turnaround of new features is clearly too stressful for the customers expectations. Throwing in Nitromans 16€ Book Generator is a new low tho. (I think Nitromans plugs are awesome btw). Why not buy and integrate his destruction stuff, his MagicSweep etc. I am in dismay that distributed rendering doest seem to have been looked at since it was such a disaster before. I have followed this app since V4. I think releasing anything this year was a mistake.


Render layers looks great. I’ve been hoping for something like this for ages.

Always up for new shaders. The variation shader will be useful.

But “New shelving system”, as a feature? :slight_smile:


@brasco: what full feature list do you mean? Is there more than the pages linked by Srek? The cineversity videos basically reflect what is on these pages (from the ones I watched already)


I only linked to the overview, the complete list is here


I will repeat what I posted over at Cafe. This release demonstrates the downside of Maxon’s complete lack of communication with it’s users. There are some substantial improvements here - the Take system looks good and the improved spline tools appear to be impressive. But they’re not features that users have been requesting and if you look at the list of Cons in the Pros and Cons thread over at Cafe, none of them have been addressed, not a single one. If, like myself, you’re frustrated at having to shuttle between Cinema and another program to do UV work or you want a full blown preview renderer like modo has you’re going to look at this release and wonder what the Maxon reps mean when they get all huffy and insist that Maxon does listen to it’s users.

Now I know why Kiwi jumped ship.


This seems as a solid upgrade so far, reading the full feature list, there are a lot of gems.

Will there be any info about houdini bridge and its development further? Will this now fall into yearly upgrades or will it be upgraded parallel?