Cinema 4D R16 announced


Quite a lot of new and improved stuff, Team Render Server, Bevel Deformer, Motion tracking, new Reflectance channel, Poly Pen ……6/overview.html

News Thread is here


The motion tracking examples look really nice! Great work Maxon! Just watched the long (and I mean really long!) features video, much longer than last year and the release seems jam packed with cool stuff. You guys have been busy.


Nigel on C4D Cafe has put a lot of effort in creating a pretty good portrait of R16


Cineversity also offers an overview of What’s new in Release 16


F YEAH Multiple Reflection Layers!


Sweet 16!

A lot of very welcome stuff and some real surprises too!

Congrats to the team. Love you all!



Thumbs up! Looks like a pretty promising release.


Some great stuff in here, some weird stuff as well (did we really need cat heads morphing into pigs), some expected (Team Render) and some really unexpected (tracker?House builder?).

Putting so much emphasis on the content library is a bit strange too. Like it’s covering up a lack of features.

However, many people will also miss important changes : what’s with bodypaint? No nodal shading? no new GPU/CPU preview renderer (it seemed Nemetchek’s allplan had a new one…)? no new multithreading etc…

On a side note I thought the “spinning” or “tumbling” titles with volumetric lights were either too fast or cheesy if I may say.


That’s a pretty eclectic release right there. Material change is welcome, as is the motion tracker assuming it works well. The other team render shoe dropped, which was critical. Poly pen looks interesting. Lotta weird stuff, too… Need to dig into it more to figure it all out.


as always one of my own fav features is a small but powerfull addition: the new solo button. very usefull for modeling large scenes:



Seems like a release targeted to the solo freelancer C4D guy. UV peeler and Modeling/Sculpting looks great. Shading, too. Matchmoving is always nice.


Great work kind people of Maxon! Love what you guys and girls have done.


I wonder if Nitroman is working for Maxon now, or freelancing for them? Several of these new features look like his handiwork (solo, house designer, book designer, etc.). He’s been kind of quiet, too.


I wonder if Nitroman is working for Maxon now,

My thoughts exactly!


I wonder if Nitroman is working for Maxon now,

just a bit of freelancing




To each his own :wink:
IMHO it’s a very solid update, plenty of new and reworked stuff there.

Also check out c4dcafe, there’s a list with all the “smaller” features as well:



Maybe stick to the right forum then instead of trolling here.
Over and out.

So far I’m really impressed with what I see.
When will this be in users hands? Any timeframe yet?



did i mention the motion tracker can be a one click solution? :wink:

i am a complete novice and do not have a clue what im doing be managed to get these done in literaly a few minutes with one click to track the footage…




please excuse the quality. youtube has compressed the crap out of them