CINEMA 4D R12 released


MAXON Announces Immediate Availability of Release 12 of Acclaimed 3D Package CINEMA 4D New Version Extends Dynamics, Rendering, Scripting, Character Animation Capabilities and Company Introduces New Streamlined Product Offerings.

              [img][/img]Friedrichsdorf,  Germany, September 1, 2010 - MAXON Computer, a leading developer of  professional 3D software, today announced the immediate availability of  CINEMA 4D Release 12, the next generation of its highly-acclaimed  professional 3D software application. The comprehensive CINEMA 4D  Release 12 builds on more than two decades of 3D graphics development  excellence and boasts dozens of new productivity enhancing features  including improved rendering, enhanced dynamics, new deformers and  superior character animation capabilities to allow digital artists to  intuitively and easily create high-end 3D images and animations.

“Today’s release marks a significant milestone in the development of MAXON‘s professional 3D software and is a testament to more than two decades of programming excellence,” remarked Harald Schneider, CEO and co-founder of MAXON Computer. “Our development team made every effort to bring customer requested features that are easy to use, stable and powerful. Creative professionals from all industries will find unparalleled solutions to help them meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced production environments and create award-winning content.”

Key Highlights of CINEMA 4D Release 12
(Not all features are included in every configuration. Please see the Product Comparison Chart on the MAXON web site for more info)

[li]Powerful New Dynamics: CINEMA 4D now includes a comprehensive and easy-to-use rigid body dynamics system based on the production-proven Bullet engine. Objects can be connected via hinges, springs and complex joints, and with a simple click, can be transformed into soft bodies.[/li][li][b]Enhanced Rendering Features:[/li]

[li]Linear Workflow and Color Profiles: Adopting a linear workflow is now as simple as activating a checkbox. Colors and lighting are mixed in a more realistic way, resulting in higher-quality images with less effort. Color profiles are now integrated throughout CINEMA 4D for accurate color representation.[/li][li]IES lights: It’s now possible to apply accurate light falloffs using the IES data directly from lighting manufacturers. Photometric intensities based on Lumen and Candela are also supported.[/li][li]True Units of Measurement: CINEMA 4D now supports units, ensuring that calculations are accurate and scene scaling remains consistent. Units are automatically converted and scaling/unit information is automatically stored within each document.[/li][li]Render Queue: Batch rendering has been streamlined with this augmented render task manager, complete with logging capability.[/li][li]Picture Viewer: CINEMA 4D’s breakthrough picture viewer now includes full-screen playback, a histogram display and navigator.[/li][/ul]
[li]New Character Tools: The Inverse Kinetics (IK) system features new dynamic properties. CINEMA 4D Studio also includes a powerful, integrated pose-mixing and morphing system.[/li][li]New Deformers: Several new deformers have been added to include options for modifying objects based on a low-poly cage or within the screen space.[/li][li]Python: Extensive support for the powerful Python language is now fully integrated allowing users greater functionality to create scripts, expressions and plugins for unlimited creative workflow.[/li][li]Others: A variety of other new features include double precision, dual transforms, OpenGL 3 support, new architectural shaders, and an parametric spline L-system.[/li][/list]This release also marks a widespread reorganization across the CINEMA 4D R12 product line with the introduction of four editions offering a proven workflow and feature sets targeted to professional 3D animators, motion graphics artists, architects and designers. Paul Babb, president and CEO, MAXON US adds, “The product line reorganization is a practical step that gives all customers, from hobbyist to studio professional, clear choices when deciding on the features they need to deliver high impact, creative results,” he said. “Customers will also benefit from the streamlined and condensed product structure as it allows our team to better focus on developing new, exciting functionality."

[US Editors’ note: The CINEMA 4D Release 12 product line will be on display in the United States at the Content & Communications World Conference next month, October 13 – 14, in New York City.]

MAXON’s New Product Line-Up

The CINEMA 4D Release 12 product line includes breakthrough new editions that cater to the creative workflow needs of professionals in specialized 3D markets, as well as an upgrade to BodyPaint 3D, MAXON’s highly acclaimed high end painting and texture application, as follows:

[li]CINEMA 4D Prime: Professional 3D Graphics Begin Here. The core professional 3D graphics package that includes basic modeling, animation and rendering functionality. Release 12 now additionally includes Ambient Occlusion and many deformers formerly found in the MOCCA and MoGraph modules. Product Info[/li][li]CINEMA 4D Broadcast: The 3D Motion Graphics Powerhouse. Leverages CINEMA 4D Prime functionality to deliver a powerful motion graphics toolset expressly designed to enhance the creative process for broadcast design professionals. Release 12 now includes features of the previous MoGraph module, GI rendering and an extensive library of objects, materials and presets. Product Info[/li][li]CINEMA 4D Visualize: The Professional Solution for Architects and Designers. Leverages CINEMA 4D Prime functionality to deliver a professional solution for architects and designers. CINEMA 4D Visualize includes all features of the previous Architecture and Engineering Editions,(Advanced Render, Sketch and Toon and NET Render 3 modules plus extensive object and material libraries). Product Info[/li][li]CINEMA 4D Studio: Everything You Need for High-End 3D Animation. The most comprehensive CINEMA 4D Release 12 edition includes all available features, as well as all libraries of the Broadcast and Visualize packages. Product Info[/li][li]BodyPaint 3D Release 12: 3D Painting, Texturing and UV Editing. While benefiting by all the new developments of its sister application, CINEMA 4D Prime, BodyPaint 3D Release 12 offers a full complement of 3D painting and texturing tools unmatched by any other package on the market. New features in Release 12 include color profiles, the option to render Ambient Occlusion into a texture, and the Cineman connection to RenderMan including preview renders directly inside BodyPaint 3D. It also boasts updated exchanges with 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage and LightWave 3D. Product Info[/li][/ul]A Product Comparison Chart is available on the MAXON web site.

MAXON will no longer be offering individual modules for purchase.

System Requirements
Recommended system requirements include Windows XP, Vista or 7 running on Intel or AMD CPU with SSE2-Support; Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher running on an Intel-based Mac; 1024 MB RAM, DVD ROM drive. Standard DVD installation can take up to 2.5 GB of disk space.

Pricing, Availability and Upgrade Path
CINEMA 4D Release 12 and BodyPaint 3D Release 12 are available now from MAXON and its authorized dealers.


Cineversity Live! Will be on the air twice a day this week - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - to coincide with the launch of Release 12.

To view Cineversity Live visit

Wednesday, Sept 1
11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET) - General Release Announcement
3 pm PDT (2200 GMT/ 0000 CET) - Rendering Features and Q&A
Thursday, Sept 2
11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET) - Dynamics
3 pm PDT (2200 GMT/ 0000 CET) - Release 12 Q&A
Friday, Sept 3
11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET) – New Character Tools and Deformers
3 pm PDT (2200 GMT/ 0000 CET) - Release 12 Q&A

Additionally, Cineversity Live! will be on the air every Wednesday for the rest of September:
Wednesday, Sept 8, 11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET)
Wednesday, Sept 15, 11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET)
Wednesday, Sept 22, 11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET)
Wednesday, Sept 29, 11 am PDT (1800 GMT/ 2000 CET)


Congrats MAXON. Let the madness begin.


sweet! got that msa just in time


Cineversity has also Put up 16 tutorials exploring all of the new features and changes to CINEMA 4D.

Check out the Videos here


Very cool and congratz Maxon!! :smiley:


Some nice improvements / enhancements.

But no updates at all for modelling? Seriously?!?


glad Maxon sticks to the usual schedule :wink:

but honestly, that is all ?

I expected much more…




Hmm, yes we also expected a lot more… :frowning:


Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. Also check out Cineversity Live for detailed looks at the new features. some of which not listed here.


Only two complains yet? We must be slacking :slight_smile:
Honestly guys, try the demo first.



Perhaps the simplified list is misleading? Check out the Product Comparison for a better look. Everything in the sort of Teal color is new. That page also helps understand the new bundles better.


WOW! You guys really knocked it out of the park with this one! :buttrock:Awesome new stuff! MAxon Pwns :bowdown:


So the dynamics module finally got updated. :bounce:
We get some new lights and a few new deformers.

Sure hope that’s not going to cost more than the last update!


you mean an unmentioned Fluid Module ??

-or MultiLayer EXR support, Nuke data export, 3D stereo rendering settings, enhanced Thinking Particles, enhanced Sketch and Toon, extended Cineman bridge ( Arnold…) , rewritten material system with nodes, improved caustics, blurry reflections/refractions and a BSDF compliant shader ??

sorry, if I missed something :wink:

::Edit:: Missed : Alpha-ZbufferBug persists, still singlethreaded pre calculations, OGL3 you say ? loading particles is still dead slow…




Congratulations Maxon on a fantastic release.


The dynamics were pretty freaking impressive. The springs, motors, etc are really, really freaky! There is some Frankenstein stuff going on here.

I know all of this stuff is doable in other programs - but just watching the features in cineversity I could follow along any feature on my first go. THAT is the cinema 4d difference.

Oh and ragdolls? Thank you! How did you know I was such a sicko, Maxon, and that I need to hurl my characters down stairs? :applause:

I also do not fully understand dual transforms, but I know some of the character guys have been screaming for it. I think they might be happy!

I stayed up way too late to see this. Damn, I need sleep.


I read the feature list and thought the same…

New Dynamics are cool but all the other “new” features are
nearly covered through plugins in 11.5 which make the update obsolete.




Great update guys!
Thanks and will try out the demo first but it looks very promising.



Tyler you missed whole new Dynamics including softbodies and dynamic constraints including a full integration in XPresso, a one click solution Linear Workflow that actually works, OGL3 support that speeds up your editor display a good 50%, a whole lot of new Deformers like a cage deformer to deform high res geometry on low res proxies, a paintable correctional camera deformer to fix those ugly glitches in animation, a correction deformer plus a surface one. Also you missed increased IK tools, dual transforms, a whole new weighting manager that has been cleaned up and is easier and faster to use, a whole new morphing system that lets you not only morph geometry but also attributes, uvws, user data, hierarchys and a whole lot more. Also a parametric L-System for building trees, cracks in ice and funky motion graphics artsy stuff. On the architectural side there’s IES lights which are pretty invaluable, white balance in the camera, new shaders and physically based intensity values. Plus an enhanced PictureViewer and a whole new Render Queue Manager.

I think that’s quite a lot.