Cinema 4d R10 Is Coming ??


check this


LOL:scream: Can we close this thread?


With the exception of the title, is there any validity to this book. It is something I would be VERY interested in.


yes it’s a real book about R9:



@ 3D_Explorer : The book is real. Kaiskai wrote it. It’s bound to be good.

EDIT: Damn, ooo beat me to it---- And topped it with a fancy link and all… sheesh :smiley:


Yes, the book is definitely for real. I don’t know about availability but I imagine that Kai will be back from Siggraph soon and he’ll be happy to tell you all about it.


Woo Hoo! Now, if I can just talk my wife into letting me upgrade… :bounce:


Hahaha! What is this with women. Why do I have talk my fiancee into letting me spend my own hard earned money? There’s something just not right about this.


Because you don’t want to wash your own clothes, cook your own meals, and have the love life of a monk maybe :~) Oh and I nearly forgot permanent ear ache !!

Just a bit of fun, we love them really.


Hey All, the book is Real, its not for R10, the X was for early press releases where R9 couldn’t yet be mentioned, but as some saw, Barnes and Noble Messed that up pretty bad.

Anyways, the cover image and much of the early press release are a little messed up, blame the publisher for that.

The book is slated for around November 10th.

I’ll post more in depth info on it later. Including an early version of the cover image that was shown at Sig.


Understandable, but in my situation, I cook all the meals, do my own laundry and everything else. Hmm!

Anyway, back to 3D…


And you also have time for Cinema 4D? Wow, you are amazing! ha!


Yes. Yes we do. (Sighs. Reaches for Advil.) Coming up on 25 years.


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