CINEMA 4D R10.1 - free update for all R10 owners


thanks maxon:-)
is there a list of changes?



Thanks, but hey the link is allready overloaded I guess. Error …

Very curious to know what has been fixed or added, great news!


Edi: Ok fixed again! dwnldng rght nw :slight_smile:


hey would someone make a torrent of this, because i keep getting an error on the download link it might help get this to more people sooner thanks in advance


here is my torrent seed for you guys.


man your on top it thanks alot

well thanks anyways but its not getting any seeds, i’ll try to download later


What R10.1 has new??? I Would ike to know???


Yikes - just took 1 1/2 hours to download from Maxon’s site. And I’m on a fast DSL connection. Lots of traffic, obviously.

Thanks Maxon! :thumbsup:


Got the download before the rush, zipped a backup of C4D folder, installed, restarted my Mac. No problems.

There is a generic “No Entry” icon on the Cinema application which disappears after a restart.

User Data re-ordering bug has been fixed.
Checking the Material Manager issues.

An official bug fix list would be handy.
Cheers, Alan.


And the new 10.1 help is another 100 mb download!

But anyway, everything is dwnldd now and working like a charm. So thanks all you Maxon working bees!



1 on my list, thanks Maxon!


New logo…


a question

will 10 users be able to open 10.1 files ? I only ask because i am in the middle of a project and know i should not update yet . . .but want to . . and another guy i am working with def wont update till the project is over.




yeahhh … vista ready with 256x256 pixels


there is no difference in the fileformat between 10.008 and 10.102. but due bugfixes some scenes may interpreted different than before! but that should be a rare case!



so whats significantly new? specially on the render side?


just found your bugreport in our bugdatabase. you are still starting 10.008 within the updated directory. you renamed the exe file to “CINEMA 4D R10.exe” which is still the old 10.008! you have to use “cinema 4d.exe” which is 10.102!


edit: rename the exe to “cinema 4d.exe” and run the updater again!


Thanks for that, but I must tell you that I did not changed any names.
I did the update and that’s it. Nothing more nothing less.
Real strange, but I have installed a new R10 and did the update and that went well.
On C4Dcafe there was a member with exact the same problem as I had.

can I copy my preferences (layout etc) to the new R10.1 ? Or will give that problems.
I really don’t like to change my settings etc again. I was just very happy with the layout before the update.

Thanks for your reply Tilo…

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


10.102 is a pure bugfix update. there is no new functionality build in! the main focus was stability and bugfixing!



a stable and reliable foundation is most important i think:-)
is there a list of fixed or streamlined functions? that would be nice…



Can you at least confirm whether or not they (Maxon) are planning a render engine update?

With the fantastic job you guys did on the Hair module and MoGraph, it just makes me wonder what you guys are planning for the core render engine…which is a bit dated compared to others.