Cinema 4D Question Cylinder


Hello, I’m new here and I don’t know if this is right category or site but anyway.
So, I’am newbie in cinema 4D and trying to learn by watching videos etc, I wanted to ask u if you know why when i put a cylinder object it’s not the same in symmetry and has not the same reflection and when i’m trying to move the normal it’s just changing both locations. You can see it here too
Sorry for my english :frowning: thanks for help.


Being a newbie to this industry, it is very important to keep learning about their industry. Learning 4D technologies has really become the need of an era. I really appreciate your efforts and hopes that you will succeed in achieving this target. Learning 4D technology, will also not only help in getting experience in this field, but also give an opportunity to get hired by professional web design services to design 4D related designs using the updated software.


Thank you for that appreciate, but if u can help me with my problem :frowning: im stack on here and i must create an intro soon


Maybe post questions like this in the Cinema 4D subforum
The link to the image does not work for me, no idea how to help with the problem.