Cinema 4d on macbook pro 2014 in 2019


any one still using Macbook Pro 15-inch Mid 2014 with cinema 4d r19 or r21
i need to switch from windows to mac but i cant effort new mac
and i use cinema 4d for 3d visualizing


It’ll be fine, Cinema 4D is so behind the state of art that a Mid 2014 MBP is more than adequate.

One of the benefits of C4D being single threaded and not having a modern viewport you get the same performance on a 4 core CPU and mobile GPU as you would get with a 32 core behemoth and Dual Titans.


I have one and as Infograph stated it will be fine. If you can find one with an NVIDIA 750M graphics card instead of the built-in GPU all the better.


thank you


yes i ll get one with an NVIDIA 750M graphics card
and thank you for your response


works great on a mid 2015 so i think it will be fine…