CINEMA 4D Magazine April Issue 2008



April 2008 Index:

• Interview with Concept Artist Bjorn Hurri by Thomas Pasieka
• Normal Map Shader Tutorial by Thomas Pasieka
• Mirroring Objects Tutorial by Rui Batista
• Whiskey 101 Pt. 2 by Jason R.
• Keeping The Poly Count Low by Thomas Pasieka
• Project: Double Zero by Tavy Pasieka
• Best of C4D Gallery
• Goodies and more…

Pages: 57
Download Size: 31 MB
Goodies: 9 MB


This months issue features a little article about “Project: Double Zero” which is the game project I started 3-4 months ago. We thought it would be nice to make it available here for free. Download the article below:


Enjoy and let me know what you guys think of it (and the magazine of course)! It’s in a pretty early (Concept) phase but comments and critique are still welcome.



Another great issue!! Tnx 3dAttack Team! :thumbsup:


Thanks and great respect for the continuity of the mag while you had some serious health problems! Glad to hear things are looking so much better now!
And very interesting 00-project!! Good luck and fun with that!



Thanks guys :slight_smile: Glad you like this issue. Be sure to let us know what you would like to read about. We are always open to suggestions.




As usual, another great issue. :beer:

Looking forward to seeing more about that game project. Looks very cool! :cool:

Cactus Dan


Thanks Dan! No worries mate we will keep working on it and probably have something more to show in mid June or so. Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:



The search is over :slight_smile: Just wanted to let you guys know that we found a programmer for Project Double Zero! Thanks for all the folks who have send me an e-mail on that matter!



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