Cinema 4d color scheme HELP


Hello guys! It’s my first time to post on this forum.
I have a small problem with cinema 4d’s color scheme. I just downloaded a color scheme and customize it according to my taste. As you can see those two, the slider bar background and the text input outline is black. I checked and changed the color for every interface color settings but it seems that I can’t find the settings for each of them. Does anyone of you know where’s the setting for each of them? Thank you to anyone who can help me. :slight_smile:


Hi I am glad you use my Color Scheme :). In the schemes Folder you will find some Tiff-Files. Some of the Interface colors are defined within these… you need to edit them in Photoshop.
greetings, Holger


your color scheme is awesome bro, btw thank for the reply. :slight_smile: