Cinema 4D Changelog?


Is there any place I can go to see every update to every C4D version and what changes were made in those updates? I’m essentially looking for some kind of comprehensive changelog. In my searches, I’ve found it difficult to find release notes for specific versions, but I’m sure they’re all compiled somewhere.


Are you interested in the major versions or the service packs?

For R19, R20 and R21 you can find the changes in major versions here:
R19 Complete Feature List
R20 Complete Feature List
R21 Complete Feature List

I’m not sure this info is easily available for earlier releases due to changes in the website.


Sorry, it’s the service packs that I’m interested in; for example, the difference between R21.026 and R21.115.


try re installing r21 then go to updates and read the pop-up update window. Their is a full description of changes that will take effect after the update installation.


I was simply hoping to find an online resource that would contain all of that information.


Try sending an email to Maxon.


There is a pdf link in the page that lists the changes