Cinema 4D CE+



I’d like to know. Is Cinema 4D CE+ worth the $99?
Has anyone here bought it, and found it usefull?

I’m quite interested in it. So i thought i’d gather some information before making any decisions. :slight_smile:

And by the way, do they ship CE, internationally? I checked the C4D reseller over here (Singapore.) And they dont seem to have CE+ for sale. :confused:

Thanks! Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


6 CE+ can be bought as an upgrade from 6 CE. 6 CE is available on the coverdiscs of many magazines. Once you have registered your version of 6 CE you can upgrade it to 6 CE+.
The main difference between 6 CE and 6 CE+ is that 6 CE+ can render up too 16.000x16.000 pixel while 6 CE can only render 600x400 pixel. Also an upgrade from 6 CE+ to R8 is cheaper then from 6 CE.



“Is Cinema 4D CE+ worth the $99?”

Hell yes! CE+ has to be the best value 3d package on the planet! Think about it, your getting a modeller, animation and a first class renderer (particles too I think!)! The biggest difference (for me) between CE+ and 8.5 is the inclusion of SLA with 8.5. OK there a mass of improvements in 8.5 in all areas and I upgraded pretty quickly but CE+ compares pretty favourably to the current base app. Amazing for $99! - Baz


I’d say that’s a big yes! :thumbsup:

I already own 8.5XL, but I installed 6CE the other day to see what the actual differences are, so I can respond to questions about either at renderosity, and I was amazed firstly that the Mac version actually ran in OSX! (I was expecting it to be OS9/Classic only!) and teh by how well featured it was! - if I hadn’t already bought the big package at this point, this would definitely be my route in - it’s very cheap, and excellent value IMO. :slight_smile:


I can only agree. For $99 its a no-brainer.



I can only agree with the rest. CE is amazing in itself and CE+ is a steal for $99.



Cinema is extremely stable on all systems it’s available for, and imo the renderer alone is already worth more than what you pay for the ensemble. If you intend to keep on using it, it might be a good idea to try and buy the Smells Like Allmonds 2.1 shaders from someone. They were sold separately so they may be sold without breaking the upgrade conditions. Many C4D users are glad to welcome a new “member of the club” and will be very friendly with the price they ask for it. (from C4D7 onwards you don’t need them anymore as they are included in the basic module).


What would be the difference in price between upgrading to say R8.5 from the following…

5.2 SE

thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Exactly way I see it, people see $109 modeler worth it, cinema can do a lot more the silo ever could, silo maybe better for modeling alone then cinmea CE, but cinema CE can render animate, you name it plenty of old plugins available, dunno how people say no to it.


Cool thanks guys. You seem to have made my urge to get CE+ Stronger. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another question though, does. It seems that only the Maxon shop sells CE+, yet, they don’t ship to Singapore (Where i am.). So i was wondering, is there any other shop of some sort that i missed?

Thanks again. :smiley:


Singapores on the list here -


The Singapore store doesnt seem to have CE+ for sale. I sent them an email asking if they do.

Hope they reply soon. :smiley:


As far as I know you can’t buy CE+. You’ll have to get CE from a magazine cover disc and upgrade from that. Computerarts, 3dWorld and Digit have all given away CE on more than one occasion so you might be able to get it from a back number. However I believe CE had to be registered before a certain date so you may have missed the boat. It’ll probably come round again though.

It might be worth contacting Maxon about getting hold of a copy, possibly registering an old copy (it was first given away last September if I remember correctly) or they may be able to tell you if it will be distrubuted again! - Baz


BazC: Aye, you do get CE for free on a cover magazine. (I got my version with an online course at Eclectic Academy.) The thing is, CE has one limit, you can only render at 640x400 max.

You can buy Cinema 4D CE+ for 99$, which is the same as Cinema 4D R6. With no limitations. :smiley:


HUh! I didn’t know they were selling it now! I got CE from a cover disc with the option to upgrade to CE+, didn’t you get the same offer with your copy?

All I can suggest is that you phone your closest Maxon office and see what they can do for you, in my experience they’re very helpful! Except when I was trying to get an SLA license transfered :o(


The render limitations of 640x480 mentioned here throughout, only apply to rendering animation, and or when you render to picture viewer…

however, should you simply undock you viewport window, resize said viewport to full screen, and hit ctrl/r I think you will be pleasantly surprised for those still shot renders :wink: when you wish to redock just go up into Window>layout>reset layout…

happy rendering eh :slight_smile:


I have been using the demo, but after seeing this thread I installed CE from 3D World #43’s cover cd. Finally I can SAVE!

BUT it looks like for navigating the viewports I am not able to navigate with alt+left/middle/right mouse buttons. The command manager doesn’t appear to recognize mouse clicks like the 8.5 demo :sad: Anyone that used 6 remember a solution for this?



Fuzatron: 6 navigates like Lightwave. With the buttons on the top right of the viewport. It works the same with the 1,2,3,4 keys too. Hold one of the keys and drag! :smiley:

Xtrude: Thanks man! Thats an awesome idea!! :smiley:

BazC: Yup, you have to pay to get CE+. And there was no other offer for me to upgrade for free. :confused:


Thanks Admiral! And thanks for reminding me of this version that I had wasting away in the closet :eek:

This way of navigating will take some getting used to. But I plan to get v9 within the next month or two anyway. Thanks again :thumbsup:


No problemo, sir!

This way of navigating will take some getting used to. But I plan to get v9 within the next month or two anyway.

Version 9 is out?! Since when? :eek: