Cinema 4d 2023


I’m enjoying reading the ‘Cinema 4D perpetuals are no longer…’ thread over on Core4d. Looks like I’m still living rent free in someone’s head :). LOL.

There’s life after C4D, there’s life after whatever software you’ve been using for years because what matters are your artistic skills and your willingness to keep learning. These remain constant and you may find like I did that learning other software exposes you to other ways of thinking about the creative process and different ways of expressing your artistic skills and you may find yourself completely reinvigorated. This can be a huge positive of getting over the speed bump of learning a new application.

If anyone needs help getting over a speed bump drop me a DM.


He had to be joking Mate.

I have learned just enough Houdini (Apprentice) to create Smoke and Pyro sims to export as VDB to Blender 3.x for rendering.
It is utterly amazing how fast and easy it is in,Houdini.