Cinebench R20



Cinebench R20 does not test GPU performance.

interesting choice.


is it? hm, for some reason you need a Microsoft Account to download. Wonder if there is a mirror.


I think they ran into the question of - which GPU rendering technology do you use? As each engine seems to differ in how well it takes advantage of different types of card technology; it’s currently more convoluted than CPUs currently are.


Maxon wants Mac to PC parity and Mac OS is moving away from OpenGL in lieu of Metal. A new benchmark for Mac OpenGL didn’t make much sense.


You can download CB20 from the Microsoft Store without an account.


I think he was talking about the viewport performance.


How? Every time I try to download, a window pops up forcing me to create an account.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have a Microsoft account somewhere (I think from Visual C++, if I just find my credentials again) but I wonder why Maxon even did that; previous Cinebenchs were simply available by direct download.


I just ignored the login window. Or you can close it by pressing the red x.

The download and installation starts without login.


seems like here in germany we have to sign in. there is no red cross and no other way around the login screen. I of corse have a microsoft account, but I don’t like this: sign in to company b to get the software of company a

did not download it.

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There is no red X.

It is not even possible to kill the dialog through the HTML Toolbox.

No account, no download.


Well, then I must hallucinating, as I never logged into a Microsoft Account to download R20. Ok, I tried it on Android and it doesn’t work without an account. :expressionless:

Please try any of the mirrors from this website.


I just installed it without a MS Shop account or login here in germany. I was asked if i want to, but did not have to.


Same for me - download without login was no problem.

Offer to sign in, which I declined:

and go:

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I don’t even get there. (From Germany too.)

(If I do enter an email, it starts nagging for a password.)


This looks like a Windows store called via web browser. Did you use a browser, or the Microsoft Store executable on your machine?

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Browser. I do not have any Microsoft Store exe on my machine, and do not want to.
(Although with the recent news of R21 no longer supporting Win7, I may be forced to “upgrade”…)


Pretty pointless now right? Once the all the CPUs out there have all been tested all you need is to view the list. How much more do you get from overclocking etc?

Don’t understand losing the GPU at all. It was an example reference of Viewport performance not GPU rendering.


Overclocking can give significant speed boosts. Personally I run a 3ghz 8 core i7 at 4.4ghz, so 48% faster for free.


Interesting thing about one of the preview scores from Cinebench R20.

Is that those two platinum processors for that massive 16k score, cost about 10k a piece.
But those E7-4890v2 chips, which would sit in a quad socket config for a total of 60 cores; cost $75 on a piece Ebay.

That’s a very very fast render slave that you could build for about $1500.
Certainly cheaper than the 40k you need for a Xeon platinum build.

Food for thought. If you can afford the electricity bill.