Chun Li Street Fighter 4, Mike Thompson (2D)


Title: Chun Li Street Fighter 4
Name: Mike Thompson
Country: USA
Software: Painter

This is my tribute to Capcom’s epic fighting game. I’ve always been a fan of the franchise and really enjoy the latest game. I painted this in Corel Painter X with some color correction in Photoshop CS3. I worked on this between my paying jobs in anticipation of the release of the game. As always I am hoping to gain notice of someone in the games industry so I can get paid to do this. ; )

Work is especially slow right now with the economy, so I might try to do a series of these. If anyone has any contacts at Capcom, I’d love to get their opinion!

Please feel free to give me your feedback, the critiques are extremely helpful!!!


Original. I have to admit my initial color scheme on this was a mess. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but luckily I changed it from this. I did know I wanted her to stand out and have a bit of the graphic flare from the game. Also the face didn’t work so I changed it also.

Face Detail. I decided to make her dress more of a vinyl material rather than the usual satin for a couple of reasons. Mainly I didn’t want her to look like a Cosplay chick, also because it’s not what you are use to seeing her wear. Although I’m sure it is incredibly impractical for fighting, especially a “Spinning Bird Kick!”

Boot Detail.


Phenomenal piece Mike…I love the contrast between her beautiful feminine face and those bone crushing legs! This should definitely get the attention of the Game Industry!

Kudos Buddy!


Hey there Mike. 1st of all, great piece and I agree with you that it’s a phenomenal game. Some comments for you on Chun Li.

  • I actually like the original sketch better… the expression is stronger and looks a bit more like her.
  • Chun Li has these powerful thighs and these looong legs that go on forever. Yours look a tad short.
  • Like the ink splashes, really complements the game well. Focus attacks ftw! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents.


Oh my.

That’s stunning.

I mean that literally.

When I first saw this I just stared with my mouth hanging open. In my opinion this is the best painter piece I’ve ever seen, on here or anywhere.

That cute little face. The nonchalance. Those legs. The ass-kicking posture. Those legs.

I’ve never said this before, but; 5 stars.


Great stuf Mike! You were right to change the head. Much stronger now. I like the colours, but still think the pink had possibilities… :wink:


“fantastic” i love so much…


Very impressive work, the pose, the lighting, the colors … it’s a really great stuff. I have the same opinion as Poshspice I prefer the head now it’s stronger .
The only crits or comment that I can say is that I think that her right shoe is too slim near to the top ( if you follow the curve of her calf it’s more easy to her shoe), if you look at her left one it’s a little bit more larger.
I love you bouckground and the way you play with the brush, make the same thing in pink is not a bad idea, you can test it.
But i reapeat reaamazing stuff Mike, keep it up :thumbsup: .


Wow, great call… I completely missed that! I’ll fix it now. Thanks Cyril!!


Beautiful work! I love the render of her, the details on the cloth wrinkles, the face, the legs, all really nice! Compositionally, I find the bit splotch on the back really distracting, but ! love the rest - nice job. :thumbsup:


Here is the corrected right boot. I made the top a bit wider to match the contour of the calf. I noticed that the boot was a bit shorter than the left one so I fixed that too.


Best Chun Li for me cool pose very sexy and cool colours palette


I really love her pose!:thumbsup:
I also prefer the finished version of her head much more than the one in the sketch…Its much more dynamic and playful!
No crits,only 5*.


great overall character rendition, pose, and good work on the clothing (nice folds and lighting). I’m not sure if it was intentional to have her legs become that dark. I could say it’s some kind of tights or something, but it’s indistinct. I can live with it, but I think that it becomes too dark righ past the knee before going into her boots. other than that, love your portrail of Chun Li. Great job.


Hi Mike.
Awsome job here. Really cool interpretation of a classic!

Ive been a big fan and followed your work every since I first saw your Ecko adds. I remember my friends and I all crouding around a Source magazine in the animation wing of SHeridan College pointing at your painting of Method Man proclaiming how wicked it is. DMX soon after blew our minds again.

Much respect Mike. Thank you for such inspiring work over the years.


Awesome mike. Great render. Thank you for the w.i.p.s.


Incredible paint work, congrats… only critique is the face doesnt seem like the chun li character we all know and love, she seems like an older version of chun li and much too serious for her personality. Maybe you did it deliberately… just my opinion, none the less, great art work man! =)


I like the paint its looking good



sweet!my favourite character of SF,beautifully rendered,however, i think i like her face in the sketch more tho the final looks very good too:)love the posture.


amazing work, people who draw hands like that drives me crazy XDD. it would be great to draw like that some day. amazing work i’ve said :slight_smile:


PURE AWESOMENESS IS WHAT IT IS!!! love dem legs lol