Chuck Close, Glenn Dean (3D)


Title: Chuck Close
Name: Glenn Dean
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray

I used to work for Chuck Close as a studio assistant many years ago. I recently met him again at a book signing for his new book of daguerreotype photos. He is an amazing artist and inspiring man. I’ve tried to reproduce his self portrait photograph in 3d.
I used Maya and Mental Ray. All textures hand painted. I’ve attempted to duplicate in the render the billion foot-candles of illumination Close uses to light his subjects for the daguerreotypes.
Close’s book of daguerreotypes can be found at;


very nice work!
maybe the textures looks a little bit blured
but it stills very good work…


nice !
5 stars from.


nice scane and good modeling, but i think it will be better without blur : )
good luck


Nice work but I think the blur isn’t graduated enough and the depth of field is blurring the nose which is a little odd. It’s a little frustrating particularly as it looks like you have a great model there.


looks promiss 4.5 stars

great man

cheak your pm plz


Looks amazing.

Is the “fisheye” lens effect intentional?

What was the render time?

Any intention of animating this?



Yes, the fisheye look and shallow depth of field are hallmarks of Chuck’s work. The render times were quite high due to the area lights and shadow sampling around the hair. About eight hours at this resolution.
It’s well worth it to google Close’s work. Everybody bandies anout the term “photorealism” but few realize the term was actually coined to describe the large scale work Close and others were doing in the sixties. Although his aesthetic is quite different from some of the other original “photorealists” like Don Eddy, Richard Estes and Ralph Goings his story and artistic growth is very interesting.
Thanks for all the comments!


Fantastic work, great modeling and render. Looking at Chucks self portrait photo you did a amazing 3d version.:applause:


Wow, that’s really great. The eyes are simply incredible.


Great work, but the scene would be much better without DOF


I recognized it as Chuck before I even read the title. Great job.


looks good, the DOF looks good, obviously some people dont know Chucks work.


I have a problem about the glasses he wears, why there is no lens distortion to show the underneath of the eyes? I’ve seen the reference photos in the link provided but it is too small that cannot judge about the eyes.


There is something about the DOF I was not able to replicate. Maybe someone has an idea.
Close uses a 20"x24" polaroid camera that stands over 5 feet tall. It apparently has swings so he can adjust the plane of the dof. In the daguerreotype photo the DOF plane is obviously not parallel to the camera. Is there a way to mimic swings and tilts in Maya that anyone knows of?
I wondered about the distortion of the lenses in the glasses myself, but I could discern no effect whatsoever of the lens in the photo so I just left them out.


Beautiful job, however’ I don’t like the high-level of bluring.
However big modeling and lighting


Very good realistic head.:thumbsup: How did you make the hair stuff??
I also didnt like the intensity of the DOF.


Thanks to all for the comments. For those who don’t like the blur-
I’m basing my image on a particular piece of artwork. In fact just like the original Photorealists I’m not necessarily trying to make an image look realistic, I’m trying to make an image that’s based an existing image. Leaving out the blur would kind of defeat the whole purpose.
I really recommend studying Close’s work. The Aperture book of his dageurrotypes is worth getting for any 3d artist if for no other reason that it is an incredible resource for skin surface textures!
Thanks again.


Excellent work, 5 stars from me. Chuck Close has always been one of my favorite artist.

for those of you who are still wondering about the extreme use of DOF, it is absolutely intentional; and a hallmark of Chuck Close’s work. pick up an art history book! :slight_smile:


That’s a great likeness. Original photo has more rough spots and details, but you did a great job.

I’m a fan of Chuck Close’s paintings.