chuan cheng, Chao Luo (3D)


Title: chuan cheng
Name: Chao Luo
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi, everyone, this is my latest personal work: chuan cheng. This is an old Tibetan women.
I hope you will like it, very grateful to you for watching.


Really nice work Chao.


WoW!This must be the top. HXSD:love:


A Truly beautiful shot. Definitely deserves an award.
You did a splendid job on the hands.
I’m interested to know if the “hairs” on her clothing are modeled or done in post. not the fluff, but the random “cat” hairs.
You also captured a perfect expression on the character.

One of my favorite images for a long time. Well done!



WOW! Looks amazing and very detailed!


Top notch. Deserves an award IMHO.
Maybe we are to see a new entry in the gallery, at last?


What a fantastically realized work! such an eye-candy to look at


Great work here! I love the powerful of the character and sharpen aspect of the final render.
Very inspiring :slight_smile:


Impressive! You are Rembarndt of CGI.


Very cool.


I love this, great lighting, and materials are so realistic.
Great, great work.


Wow! That’s fantastic portrait. You’ve done incredible work. Congrats!


Good job.I like it very much.


Absolutely beautiful. Love the animal hair on the fabric. I’d kill or atleast seriously injure someone to be able to texture fabric like this.


Amazing :thumbsup:


Brilliant work.
Posted it on the blog.


good job! I like it very much.


Thank you, I will continue to create better works.



Thank you, I have spent a lot of time to study the hair on the clothes, they are very troublesome, my hardware is almost about to collapse, a long time before I finished it.


Fantastic. Fabrics, materials, pose e.t.c