Chroma Key Question


Software used: After Effects or Nuke

I can’t show actual footage (I’m not allowed), but basically I have to do a sky replacement in a moving footage, and the sky contains a relatively wide tone of blue:

From this to this:

#5b7590 - #adb2b5

So how do I chroma key something like that?, any kind of help is welcome, thanks in advance!

(In the worst case scenario I’ll have to manually mask it out, so no biggie)

  • try to get a good key only on the parts where it intersects with the foreground. everything else can be removed by a garbage mask.
  • use multiple keys for different sections/colors of the plate, combine the result to get one matte
  • use different keying methods (different chroma keyers, hue keyer, luma keyer, …) for the best result on the different parts

there wont be a one klick key for everything


Thank you!, I did exactly that before I even saw your post, but I’m really thankful because now I know it was the right choice :slight_smile:

I didn’t do this, but I’ll try it out and practice, thanks :slight_smile: