Chrizimer's Modeling WIP


Hello, this is a parallel thread to my concept art WIP thread called “The Great Mistake”.

The link to that is conveniently in my signature.

Now where to start?

I’ve been working on a plasma gun thingy. I took the original design from

and I have extrapolated it thus far into a model:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Well that’s as far as I got for now.


i think its coming along nicely, i like the design of the weapon should turn out well. although i think u could put a little more detail into it, specifically the front part of the gun over the top barrel, in the pic there are some groves in it i think those should be put in the geometery. of course this is assuming its not for a game model, although from the look of the rest of the model its not.


I’ll probably make a lowres. I have no point to put it in a game yet.
I’m just flexing my 3d muscle. I’m also gonna add those details you mentioned.


Note, added those details you mentioned, Goffskullz. I was going to add them anyways.

Step 4: (added greebles)

Step 5: (added handle insert and added the stock to the back of the gun, also changed some geometry details)


Step 6:

I had to remove the handle (not the thumb hole) because the geometry was poorly done and I’m going to redo it.

I did craft a trigger, not seen here, and made a major redo of the front of the weapon’s geometry which you may spot if you look carefully. I reworked the handgrip a tad…

I colored the gun finally.

A lineup. Perfect match, with exceptions to parts yet unmodeled.

This is the usual perspective for those whose eyes aren’t flat and isometric.


Very nice and clean- I was actually watching 5th Element and was thinkg of doing the blah blah 3000 gun that MR Zorg was pushing LOL! But nice modeling!


Well, I gotz another.

Step 7: add those cool energy tubes on top of the gun.

And the whole thing so far…


ok, this may sound stupid, but i just noticed that you dont have the handle, or whatever you call it on the guns with a hole handle thingy, you do plan on adding it right?


Rather, I had it and removed it because the geometry was messed up.
It simply needs to be redone.

and I will

Saltiva, were you wondering how I made this? How I got it clean? I’ll tell you if you want to know.


Step 8: Added a clip to the gun, tweaked the materials. The materials here are temps. This is scanline render. I’m going to go to mental ray when the gun is done and use DGS and lume and I think there’s a metal shader too.

Note: No-Clip cheat off.

And a solo appearance for the clip:

Seems like light tracer isn’t doing anything right now… It is likely because for once, I’m not using bright grey as a material on everything.


Note: added watermarks for the concept artist, as I forgot to ask permission to use it earlier. Now I have done so, and he requested watermarks. Silly me.

Of course I’ll ask first, next time…


Ok, finally…moving onwards!

Step 9: Handle with better geometry added, still needs polishing.

And the veiw from behind:


Step 10: Fixed geometry errors on handle, still some left…

Step 11: Increase groove depth to match the concept’s


Well, building a new thing. A beam cannon barrel I just improv’d. More to follow :smiley:


Its turning out to be a pretty cool looking gun for sure


Continuing on my improv spree…
Well. I was thinking…modular weapons system for a mech. I designed a sort of mounting system that relies on one hookup and a set of calipers to grip mounting plates on the weapon.

Here’s a caliper I just designed.


And the bracket all in all:


I added an extended particle accumulator:

(Incomplete design, in itself, a work in progress)

And the gun overall now looks like this:

Next, I’m going to add a huge-assed cable from the accumulator to the main gun body. All cables (piping on the accumulator and the caliper) are made from splines using trim and fillets, then making them renderable. I will however just make the new cable I’m creating follow a path. (easier for a cable that is ribbed).


Ok, Worked on the power umbilical a little. Made a tube, bevelled it some ribs, then made some nurbs cv curves (best for piping). The main pipe has a path deform modifier on it, following a nurbs spline. The other pipes feeding into it are renderable nurbs cv curves themselves.

(scanline render, skylight, lighttracer: 500 samples, no bounces)

And a closeup:

nurbs pipes: curve approximation: 17 Steps, Adaptive off, Optimize off
renderable, generate mapping coords: sides 18.


Here’s a second style of cabling. It is the standard hose: cheap n’ shitty.
Doesn’t look bad…

Lol! What a cop-out.