Chritsophe desse lead technical artist


hi , i am christophe and i am a lead technical artist @Naughty_Dog
i come from France and i have been here for 12 years working on all those cool games with amazingly talented peoples
i am self taught …
currently teaching a shading and texturing class on the gnomon campus


Welcome to the forums. Working on games is a passion for many people. I myself, prefer to play them.

I will wish you good luck with your class and believe you will meet a lot of talented people on the forums.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Nice to have you here Christophe, I’m always excited to see what technical artists come up with. Also so cool you get work at Naughty Dog, they are constantly pushing the boundaries with their games. Shaders are so cool and creative. As an aspiring Games artist I really appreciate what you technical artists bring to the table to help other game artists :grinning:


Fuel burner! Glad to have you here my friend!