Christy Tortland_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Loving it christytortland :slight_smile:


Nice sketches of beautiful girls! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, everyone!! :slight_smile: @Chantellewalker - I also have a huge soft spot for Senu!!

Here’s Lagertha, continuing with Ladies’ Month!


Ehehe! I’m glad to see it and so jealous of you for meeting her :smiley:


very nice portrait sketches! look forward to see more!


Thank you @grafik! And @POSEIdOON – haha - met her a couple years ago at Comiccon at the first Vikings panel. She was absolutely lovely!

Here’s Lizzy Bennet for our continuing theme of Ladies’ Month!


Another Game of Thrones Lady! Love Sansa’s development this past season.


Loving this portraits!
This sure is a character that evolved alot


Hey Christy, nice series of portraits! I’d suggest you to try more different sketch brushes! I can recommend Aaron Griffin’s brushset, many good ones


Thanks, everyone! And nkirill – I’ll definitely check those out, thank you!!

In honor of the Last Jedi premiere tomorrow – can’t wait!! – here’s the new character Rose!


Love your lines and the expressions of the characters are great!


Love your portrait sketches!


Such strong female characters! It’s a nice project. Wonder who you’re going to draw next :slight_smile: