Christmas "Nisse" TV Bumpers



The last time I posted a work here, it was a couple of sperm looking for action inside a colon.
This time I will try not to be as provocative :slight_smile:

We just finished some bumpers for a television channel in Norway, the bumpers lets the
viewers know when the commercial breaks starts and end. The bumpers features a traditional
norwegian mythological character called the “Nisse”, who is a combination between a gnome
and an elf. He lives on farms in rural Norway and watches over the livestock and people living
there. If you don’t feed him properly, he will start misbehaving. I think this character is local
to Scandinavia, but I think most old cultures have some kind of “house spirit” that needs to
be respected.

The animations are small (4-6 seconds), but we put as much work in it as possible in the time
we had available. I think the look of them turned out quite nice, they’re almost illustrated in a
way. They were all animated in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray. We did the 3D in about
seven weeks, and we were eight persons working on them:

Frode Ekeberg: Modeling, textures, logo animation.
André M. Hitsøy: Modeling, textures and rigging.
Kim M. Jensen: Sound.
Øystein Larsen: Technical supervision, project management, rigging, effects and lighting.
Johan Leuf: Modeling and animation.
Ivar Rødningen: Character design, modeling.
Rune Spaans: Art and animation direction, modeling, lighting, matte paint and compositing.
Andreas Westin: Animation

I have compiled all the little bumpers into a single quicktime. Although it will start to stream
as you click on it, I strongly recommend you to download the entire film and play it off disk.
The server I put it on could be a little too slow for streaming. The movie is 26mb in size,
sorensen3 compressed quicktime.
right click to download…

The animations are very short and maybe pointless to some, but I still hope some of you like
them :slight_smile:


And finally, a couple more stills for those who can’t be bothered to click through the
animations :slight_smile:


hehehe… so short man :frowning:
They look great, the overall look and feel of it all is really nice!
I like the bath one and the gifts snow sledge the most.


Fun to watch.



Awsome animation… only one thing: THEY ARE TO SHORT!!

You get all excited cause the characters, textures, set up, lighting is phenominal, then you realize that it only lasts a matter of seconds, and it’s a bummer:cry:

Even though they are incomplete, I still give them 4*'s, I would 5 them but …

Get them done man!!!

Cheers :beer:


They are very very gorgeous. Great lighting. As for the animation, there isn’t really that much to comment on, because the servers are kinda slow and the clips are so short. But I’ll check back in this thread from time to time for updates. or whatev.


Beautiful work, great lighting and a really good sense of atmosphere.

Excellent use of time for such short constraints too.

Well done to everyone involved



man… could’nt you just edited it all thogether… looks great anyhow…


wow great job! nice color, nice ambience! I really would like to have one file!


all around really great. yeah they are short, but there supposed to be, the just serve as bumpers, and i didn’t think the length took away from them, since its what they were made for.

awesome work!


The stills are awesome , Ill wait for the edited version with all them together , cya.


Whyyyy…oooohwhyyyy is this so short. :drool: Aside from that, it’s awesome. Love the look of the whole thing. Awesome job. :thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments!! Sorry to hear that our servers are slow (they really shouldn’t be). I’ll try to have an edited version out ASAP (for all you lazy b**tards :slight_smile: )



Haha, awesome work! I’ve been watching these on TV 2 for a while now :wink: Really sweet, traditional norwegian look here. I digg the nisse, the snow and all… Really great. I see your animation has a different feel than what I’m used to: less cartooony and more “puppet-like.” but verry alive! Increadible envirements. Skål Gutter :beer:


You can now download a single compiled quicktime instead. Hope that works out better for you :slight_smile:



They look so fantastic. I like the puppetlike quality.
Wish we could see some more action out of the Nisse.
Can we have some more high-qual renders for desktops?


Great stuff !

This goes right into my “best of 3d” folder :slight_smile:



Sure, I can try to do that when I get back to work tomorrow. Anyone in particular you’d like in high resolution?



Well, since you asked… Yeah!
In the bath (inside), Under the tree (the one thats not the cell phone), and puling the empty sled. Oh yeah, and a bigger one of pulling the full sled up the hill. 1600x1200.

Hee hee hee. :slight_smile:
Then you wont have to buy me a christmas present.


Gotta get back to you on that, turned out to be a busy day today. Sure you want the full sled? It looks kinda crap compared to the others :stuck_out_tongue:



Rune…gr8 renders man… wot koool compositions :D:D:D
I am sure Nisse will be really pleased looking at this work :slight_smile:
the moon is simply too beautiful man (that clip rocks)
and for the guys who are lazy not to dnld all of em…plzzzzzzzzz u are missing something very nice :slight_smile:
Sachin S. Suryawanshi


that’s so cute …great animation and enviroment even it’s very short…good work:cool: