Christmas Card Thread


I couldn’t see if we already had one, so…


very nice





:beer: :love:


Nice Thread!
Here is my Christmas Card.


Plunq and I did this together; his illustration, my colouring.



Sorry I had to repost



This is my work :
1 hours… PS 7.0
Im 15… :slight_smile:


I just finished my wife’s card today… I’m making one for her every year (you can check them out here: Jeffrey Shaffer Animation

And here’s this year’s card…

The design is based on a piece of clip-art (copyright free) that I found, as my sketching abilies aren’t that hot. Then I re-inked it and colored it in Photoshop.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Jeffrey D. Shaffer


“A Universe of greetings”

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year…

Paolo [CuTnPaste] , Regina and Aurora!


and here’s mine

(whisper) and this one’s going to 17th comic world in hong kong feb next year


Have a GREAT Christmas!

To all ya CGTalkers… :slight_smile:

Cheers :beer:



atwooki, your santa kinda looks like that dude from the Asterix comics. which by the way are some of my favorite


wish your lucky.


Well this is in portuguese, but i’ll translate it for ya!
It means “Merry Christmas, and a good new year!”
I did this ilustration to send to my clients. cheers



Lovely warm design and excellent character! nice one :slight_smile:
Now why didn’t I get a card like that in the post?



Hi, this is another style but i made it for a christmas card. I hope you like it. (“feliz navidad” is “Merry christmas” in Spanish)

cheers. :thumbsup:


very nice pic , robles, welcome to the CGTalk!

Good job everyone, I was impressed with all of the cards.