Choose your TIME


Hi guys,

I think it’s TIME to join this challenge. I’m working in MODO almost on daily basis and I really want to create something unique in it and this challenge is great opportunity.

I’ll focus on print ad category. Initial idea and headline will be Choose your TIME. Main aspect will be time machine user, walking towards us. The most catchy idea of poster will be time split. Whole poster will be split in two parts, in the middle. Left side of the image will be the past, colored in orange and hero will be dressed as a gladiator. Right side of image will be the future, colored in blue and hero will be dressed like tron characters. Unifying aspect of whole piece will be time machine device, just some kind of 2055 tech hanging on hero’s neck.

I gathered few references and made 3 reference sheets. Gladiator, soldier and over piece references and mood boards.

Quality bar is really high. I want to achieve the best quality possible. You know, at least Digic or Blur :smiley: :smiley: Wish me luck.

Here’s list of stages and software usage. As a generalist I use mostly MODO + ZBrush which is killer combo, so I’m happy that other software is allowed in competition. But for sure MODO is core application here.

modeling - MODO + ZBrush
retopo - MODO + ZBrush
mapping - MODO
texturing - MARI + MODO
rendering - MODO
(fx - MODO)
comp - NUKE or Photoshop

So let’s rock!!!


Here we go with the first wip image.

I started in ZBrush and I started very seriously. No basemesh, just sphere and Anatomy sculpting with amazing Raphael Grassetti. I strictly recommend this tutorial, Raphaels skill is amazing!!

When whole body and head will be finished, I’ll make retopology and start modeling his props in MODO.



Arms, hands and legs done. There are some areas to tweak. But he will stand en face and few areas will be cover by props, so I’m saving time a little bit.

Feet and base head are on the list tomorrow.


Great anatomy.


Dryula - thank you, I’m learning :slight_smile:


Head base done. It’s refining is next on the list.



Head sketch done, still need little refinement, but it’s ok for now. Finally comes MODO time, I’ll be preparing props and then doing retopo for this gladiator half of character.


Very well. :slight_smile:


Thanks dryulya, face needed some reshaping, but I’m quite happy now. I’m just going to give him some expression then.

Finally MODO comes to play, sketching props bases to have overall idea, proportions etc. Next step is refining those props to it’s final models and his body retopology.



Chest slightly reshaped and shoulder armor modeled. I’ll be adding more details to armor and breaking it’s cg look.


Looking really great! I never used z brush, I am highly impressed you made this from a sphere and not a base mesh. The anatomy is very good. I look forward to seeing where this goes, Are you gonna rig the character as well to pose him?


Each time getting prettier and prettier :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man, you should give it a try. I followed Grassetti’s tutorial and it’s full of tips and tricks for sculpting anatomy. As for rig, I’ll make skeleton and pose him with MODO’s pose tool.


dryulya - thanks man!


I’m still refining his props. Skirt still needs a lot of work. On the other hand shoes are just a step before finish. Please pay attention to delicate lacework :smiley:



All props are done for now, I’m going to detail them during texturing phase. Next is body retopology in MODO :wink:



Retopology is done. I made lowres topology for head by hand in MODO, same for hand. Body was retopologized in zbrush using ZRemesher and cleaned in MODO. Then I subdivide whole mesh with background constraint enabled, so I have a lot of detail in geometry itself and I can make beautiful morph maps, when posing.


Next major update is sketch of the second hero, codename TRON :smiley: I tried to make my own, but similar suit, just without light stripes. This is just ZBrush sketch based on gladiator’s body. I’ll retopologize him tomorrow, in MODO for sure!

As for gladiator I just finished all modeling on gladiator, including mapping. I have to say that UDIM integration in MODO is awesome. Very easy to pack all objects together into separate UDIMs.


Fun!!! That’s just freaking awesome man. Good job!


Nice suit.


thanks guys!

I made new topology and mapping for future suit. I also made very simple skeleton for posing and I tried to pose him with amazing pose tool in MODO.

So as a result, here’s the first poster layout. I’ll start to refine whole piece, textures, polishing, lighting, detailing etc. I hope you like it :wink:


Really nice concept. Great use of color. I’m sure this is going to be a great piece when it’s done.