Choice, Ulrich Büch (3D)


Title: Choice
Name: Ulrich Büch
Country: Germany
Software: Blender

An older work of mine. It 's based on that scene in the movie “The Matrix” in which Morpheus offers to Neo to either take the blue pill and stay in the matrix or to take the red one to get freed. For my image, I replaced the blue pill by a tiny little bottle of some well known energy-drink, as this was a good match in both colour and shape and it transmitted the message I aimed for: If one would believe in anything those ads on TV and elsewhere want us to, you’d have to eat all that stuff having additional vitamins etc., from Active-O2 to Xanax (just kidding), what would probably not be as healthy as the propaganda wants to tell us. So this is what the blue pill stands for, in this case.
Done entirely in Blender. C&C always welcome, thx for viewing.


I loled :slight_smile:


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